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Architecture is Awesome: #33 Happy Clients

SW Oregon Architect

There are few things more rewarding for me as an architect than witnessing the genuine smiles and expressions of delight from clients and users upon first enjoying the projects my colleagues and I have had a hand in designing. Happy clients are a testament to the commitment of the entire design team to fulfil dreams.

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RIBA names female-led Onion Collective the 2023 Client of the Year


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has named social enterprise Onion Collective as its Client of the Year for 2023 over their role in spearheading the creation of an artists' space called East Quay in Somerset County, South West England.

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Designing without a Client: 6 Houses Created by Celebrated Architects for Themselves


While often reduced in scale, these personal residences offer a peek into the architects’ mindsets and the way in which they translate their ideas into lived spaces without having client-imposed restrictions on the end result. The structures also reflect their creators’ personal values, lifestyles, and aesthetic preferences.

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Four ideal patrons comprise RIBA's 2022 Client of the Year shortlist


The Royal Institute of British Architects ( RIBA ) has continued its tradition of honoring architectural patronage with the unveiling of their 2022 Client of the Year shortlist. That winning client will join a list of past winners that includes last year’s recipient, the Cambridge Mosqu.

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Sustainable Architecture: Design Green with the Client in Mind

Speaker: Pedro Clarke – Principal Architect at A+ Architecture, In Loco Program Director

Clients may not see sustainability as a priority out of fear of operational costs and quality. While these are legitimate concerns, it is our responsibility as architects to listen and foster a collaborative culture that answers client issues while also reducing our carbon footprint. How to build a collaborative dialogue with clients.

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Sarah Jacoby Architect renovates a townhouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn, for “an imaginary client”

The Architect's Newsletter

So often developer-led residential projects result in a predictable white box, but what could happen if the developer was also a bespoke client? A townhouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn, renovated by The post Sarah Jacoby Architect renovates a townhouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn, for “an imaginary client” appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.

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How Sentio VR's Presentation Tools Can Help Architects Win Over Clients


Architects often face the challenge of effectively communicating their designs to clients, as architectural design is a complex process that involves numerous technical details and decisions. Current methods of presenting architectural designs, such as 2D drawings or renders can be limiting.

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7 Ways Real-Time Visualization Can Solve Architectural Challenges

Traditional methods often fall short in effectively conveying design intent to clients. Discover the power of real-time visualization: Effective Communication Convey your vision clearly and align with clients. Real-time visualization empowers you with a solid decision-making tool that smooths the design process.