Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

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Let’s look at the sustainable alternative to roofing materials. Corrugated roofing is one of the most used materials for average homes. These roof shingles are a product of recycled waste material such as rubber, plastic, or wood fiber.

Future Materials: The Architecture of Biocomposites


Architecture is born from materials. Between structure, light, movement, and comfort, materials profoundly shape our experiences. But materials also change over time, new ones are created, and a wide range of assemblies and construction techniques are introduced. © MIT Media Lab.


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All About Window Materials

Santa Cruz Architect

Manufacturers have expanded those choices with new frame materials, glazing and installation options. Material Choices. Windows frames come in a number of different materials, including wood, vinyl aluminum, fiberglass and composite plastic.

Materials to Build India's Identity.


© Andre J Fanthome. Upon becoming a sovereign country, free from British Rule, the people of India found themselves faced with questions they had never needed to answer before. Coming from different cultures and origins, the citizens began to wonder what post-independence India would stand for.

Adam Sandow’s Material Bank acquires architecture media mainstay Architizer

The Architect's Newsletter

As finalized late yesterday, Material Bank, [.]. The post Adam Sandow’s Material Bank acquires architecture media mainstay Architizer appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper. Media National News Building Materials Center for Architecture media

Six interior architects on their materials of choice

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Architects and designers today are met with seemingly endless options when it comes to selecting materials. While news tends to favor those pushing the envelope of material science, we have [.]. AN Interior Interiors National Building Materials

The material of memory

Habitus Living

The post The material of memory appeared first on As a textile designer, Jarnah Montersino of Mont Studio has the rare privilege of being “a very small studio,” says Jarnah. “It’s It’s very unique.

Studio Lionne van Deursen exhibits material created by microorganisms at Milan Design Week


Material research firm Studio Lionne van Deursen has showcased its Unfold designs, made from a material created by bacteria , as part of the Isola Design District exhibition at Milan Design Week. Studio Lionne van Deursen's Unfold project comprises a material made by microorganisms.

How are New Construction Materials Prioritizing Human Safety and Wellbeing?


It is expected that by 2050, the rapid depletion of raw materials will leave the world without enough sand and steel to build concrete. One Green Mile / MVRDV. Image © Suleiman Merchant.

News: Timber Pavilion competition winners offer up creative spaces to look into the material's future


The competition brief called for the design of a maximum 50-square-meter (538-square-foot) pavilion using timber to create a platform within which the history and potential of the material can be exhibited.

What Is the Environmental Impact of Each Building Material?


The Construction Material Pyramid. Using this same easy to understand visual language, the Royal Danish Academy Center for Industrialized Architecture (Cinark) developed the Construction Material Pyramid. Image © Centre for Industrialised Architecture (CINARK) from Royal Danish Academy.

Reused and Recycled Materials in 10 Interior Design Projects


Creating construction elements by re-designing the role of old objects or materials represents an objective approach to upcycling, as a path towards a more sustainable and responsible future. Zero Waste Bistro Restaurant / Linda Bergroth. Image: © Nicholas Calcott.

Cosentino’s Latest Material Innovation Could Transform Sustainable Design


The rest of the video provides insight into the HybriQ+ manufacturing process, cross-cutting images of the raw materials Cosentino recycles with scenes of the laboratories in which the company’s research and development team discover new ways to conserve resources in their manufacturing process.

Prometheus Materials uses algae-based cement to make masonry blocks


Colorado-based Prometheus Materials has developed masonry blocks from a low-carbon cement-like material grown from micro- algae. Prometheus Materials combines microalgae with water, sunlight, and CO2 to create a bio-cement. Loren Burnett is the CEO of Prometheus Materials.

Guide to Ceilings: Materials and Uses in Architectural Projects


Depending on the aesthetics of a space, the economy of the materials or even their long-term maintenance, there are various types of ceilings that are capable of meeting the technical and functional needs of architectural projects. Casa Banfield / Fabrizio Pugliese.

What Are the Smart Materials in Architecture?


For their elaboration, some materials have been developed to meet specific objectives during their use without the need to be operated by any person or equipment. Umberto I Tunnel in Rome.

How Mega Project Iconsiam Pushes the Boundaries of Material Science


But while their development tends to bring about novel approaches to design and construction when considered in whole, the innovations they realize in the application of individual architectural materials is often overlooked. Materials Practice Sponsored

Architizer Acquired By Material Bank, the World’s Largest Marketplace for Architectural Materials


New York, NY, June 23, 2022 – Architizer is thrilled to announce its acquisition by Material Bank , the world’s largest marketplace for architectural, design, and construction materials. Material Bank’s Founder and CEO, Adam I. About Material Bank.

Urselmann Interior renovates own office using recycled and biodegradable materials


Düsseldorf studio Urselmann Interior has renovated its own office interiors using biodegradable , recycled or upcycled materials, including glueless joinery and a cellulose-based wall cladding. Read: Honext develops recyclable construction material made of cellulose fibres from waste paper.

Ten future materials that could change the way we build


The race is on to engineer alternatives to traditional building materials that either perform better or tread more lightly on the planet. From super-strong plastics to fungus columns, we've rounded up 10 materials that could be the future of construction.

Atex – True Pioneer in the Development of Advanced Textile Materials

The Architecture Designs

The Atex membranes are made with unique combinations of materials that provide superior resistance to fire, chemicals and abrasion. The material is fire resistant and has a surface that aids in soil resistance and handling during production.

Future Materials Pavilion


Its cities are dense landscapes of structures, with a majority of upcoming constructions largely relying on one primary building material: concrete. Is there a possibility to use modern building techniques with locally-sourced or sustainable materials? About Competition.

Adulation and Demonisation: Materiality vs. Morality.


The many different cultures around the globe have had different ways of building throughout history, adapting locally found materials to construct their structures. Trellick Tower. Image © Public Domain.

Natural Material Studio and Frama showcase algae and terracotta fabrics


Danish designer Bonnie Hvillum's Natural Material Studio has collaborated with multidisciplinary studio Frama on a collection of biodegradable materials made from algae , clay and foam. Above: Natural Material Studio unveiled new materials with Frama.

Kitchen Organization: Different Materials for Your Worktop


Casa dos Brejos da Carregueira / Estúdio AMATAM - 14. Image © Garcês. Kitchens as we know them today have functionality as their main feature and for that their space was historically organized from an industrial logic.

His dark materials: Iceland presents dreamscape of magnets and metals

The Spaces

Look closely and this material reveals itself to be metal dust, snaking and wriggling into new shapes against a magnetic field. The tension between the materials creates an entirely new entity.

Material Bank acquires global digital website Architizer

World Architecture Community

US company Material Bank, the world’s largest marketplace for architectural, design, and construction materials, has acquired glob #architecture #design #arch.

Mycelium Materials: The Future of Growing our Homes


Courtesy of Siim Karro. Fungi are almost everywhere - in the air you breathe, the soil you walk on, we eat them and yes, they do also live inside of us. Read more

5 Materials for Dining Chairs That Will Impress Your Guests

The Architecture Designs

There are many styles and materials to choose from for dining chairs, but these five offer the best combination of comfort, durability, and style that you and your guests will love. The post 5 Materials for Dining Chairs That Will Impress Your Guests appeared first on The Architecture Designs.

Warehouse-Museum of Historical Material FGC / AMOO


© José Hevia. architects: AMOO Location: Carrer d'Antoni Sedó, 9, 08191 Rubí, Barcelona, Spain Project Year: 2020 Photographs: José Hevia Area: 1080.0 Read more ». Cultural Architecture. Museums & Exhibit

Material Bank acquires digital architecture platform Architizer


US architecture and design materials marketplace Material Bank has acquired digital architecture database Architizer. Material Bank also purchased Clippings. Material Bank purchased Architizer as part the company's expansion into the architecture space.

How to Choose Cabinet Materials for Your Kitchen?

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Material choices lend to the overall durability of the cabinets and the material also largely contributes to the overall ambiance of the room. What are the Materials in Making a Cabinet? Facing Materials. The post How to Choose Cabinet Materials for Your Kitchen?

Waterproofing of buildings: Material types & applications (+Prices)

Building and Interiors

You’ve built a beautiful building using the best material. So, waterproofing chemicals and materials for roofs, and waterproof paints help you avoid such issues. Types of waterproofing materials. So, you must understand the types of waterproofing materials for your job.

pihlmann architects Repurpose Materials to Construct Art Hub Copenhagen


Søren Pihlmann: The space itself with all the existing materials and components. The post pihlmann architects Repurpose Materials to Construct Art Hub Copenhagen appeared first on Journal. Project Status: Built. Year: 2021. Size: 1000 sqft – 3000 sqft.

Norwegian Presence exhibition celebrates material ingenuity


A bench sculpted with a chainsaw and a chair made from flooring offcuts were among exhibits at this year's Norwegian Presence exhibition at Milan design week , which explored inventive ways of using raw materials.

Dezeen Debate newsletter features 10 new construction materials


The latest edition of Dezeen Debate features 10 promising new construction materials. One called the materials "marvellous". The post Dezeen Debate newsletter features 10 new construction materials appeared first on Dezeen. all Architecture Technology Dezeen Debate Materials

Shakkei by Makoto Yamaguchi neighbouring materials


They had found “neighboring textures,” with different materials existing side by side. “ Architect Makoto Yamaguchi began thinking about shakkei , or “borrowed scenery,” of Japanese gardens, and set out on a journey with the photographer, Kentaro Kumon.

Mix and Step: Looking at Some Multi-Materials Staircases


Whether to mark a change of direction, to highlight its first steps or its own presence in a room, stairs that combine two or more materials tend to draw attention by establishing dialogs between particular characteristics of each material. © Haruo Mikami.

The Ultimate List of ARE 5.0 Study Materials: Part 1

Young Architect

Study Materials: Part 1. Welcome to The Ultimate List of ARE Study Materials Part 1. In this blog post, we’ll take a broad look at the study materials available for ALL the ARE 5.0 ARE study materials for Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3. study materials. .

The Importance of Modern Visualization Tools in Material Specification


In architecture, choosing the right construction materials is crucial to improve efficiency, ensure structural integrity and maximize performance, ultimately setting the standard for the finished product. SAP Headquarters / Yashar Architects. Image Courtesy of Yashar Architects.