Architecture can’t wait for regulators to lead on sustainability

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The post Architecture can’t wait for regulators to lead on sustainability appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper. With urgent turning points for mitigating climate change drawing ever nearer, it’s time for the architecture field to take notice—and action.

4 Tips on How to Regulate Your House’s Temperature

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In most instances, your HVAC unit is the one regulating your house’s temperature. However, there are also times when it just can’t keep up, and you need to do things yourself to regulate your house’s temperature.


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An affluent California town is going to ridiculous lengths to get around affordable housing regulation


The well-heeled Silicon Valley suburb of Woodside has come up with a novel way to block plans that would potentially bring in more affordable housing: Declare itself Cougar Town.

2021 showed the power of policy, codes, and regulations in the United States and around the world


For reasons both tragic and optimistic, 2021 was a year where regulations and policy were never far from the media spotlight.

UK government introduces restrictions for timber in mid-rise buildings' external walls


Timber wall systems will need to pass a large-scale fire safety test before they can be used on medium-rise residential blocks in England under building regulations being introduced by the UK government. Above: the Grenfell Tower fire prompted a review of building regulations.

Placemaking Pitfall

Landscape Architecture Magazine

ACCESSIBILITY ART CITIES NOW REGULATIONS STREETS crosswalks disability pedestrian placemaking safety street murals Timothy A. BY TIMOTHY A. SCHULER. A group of disability rights organizations raised concerns about a mural crosswalk in London’s Bankside neighborhood.

April LAM: Designing Policy

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Click to view slideshow. FOREGROUND . In the Tank (Water). Amid the wetlands and steel plants of Chicago’s Big Marsh Park, a new water recycling system at the Ford Calumet Environmental Center renews the region’s ecological potential. Tavern on the Scene (Preservation).


Landscape Architecture Magazine

BY JARED BREY. Gulf State Park in Alabama is one of the largest public projects to be funded through the Deepwater Horizon settlement. Many more are coming. FROM THE JANUARY 2022 ISSUE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE.

The Parson Capen House, 1683, Topsfield, MA

Jane Griswold Radocchia

circle geometry First Period geometry parson capen house regulating lines research TopsfieldThis post, first published in 2014, is being revised based on a better understanding of the geometry. Parson Joseph Capen built this house in 1683 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.


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ECOLOGY ECONOMICS EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE REGION REGULATIONS RESILIENCE UNIVERSITY WATER Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy Colorado Basin Colorado River Colorado River watershed drought Lincoln Institute of Land Policy map water rightsBY LISA OWENS VIANI.


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daisy wheel Lines practical geometry lessons regulating lines SerlioThe posts in this series Lessons 1-7 are : [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link].

Saltbox Geometry

Jane Griswold Radocchia

abbott lowell cummings chalk line practical geometry regulating lines saltboxI have been thinking about simple house forms and their straightforward geometry. I was asked about window placement for a modern saltbox. I had no simple answer.

What Should Home Owners Be Aware Of Before Purchasing or Renovating a Home?

Aric Gitomer Architect

Understand the Local Regulations. From the homebuyers’ perspective, you must ensure to find out about the local regulations. Ignoring building regulations could dampen your plans of adding an extension or renovation in the future. The regulations (NJAC 5:26-6.3)

greenhouse-like patio punctures slow studio’s passive house in spain


the patio aids to regulate the temperature throughout the house, acting as a thermal buffer in summer and winter. The post greenhouse-like patio punctures slow studio’s passive house in spain appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

New York City and the AIANY are searching for permanent outdoor dining solutions

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As we enter the third year of the pandemic, outdoor dining structures across the United States have evolved and solidified from laxly regulated, amorphous impromptu solutions intended to let customers [.].

America’s Public Housing is Burning, Fueled by Cold Indifference


However, the reactions by the same officials would suggest that a moment requiring urgent reforms in regulations, funding, and oversight is instead being met with indifference In early 2022, building fires at publicly-funded properties in the Bronx and Philadelphia claimed 29 lives.

The California Coastal Commission

Santa Cruz Architect

Coastal Zone Regulation, County of Santa Cruz:?In Coastal Zone Regulation in City of Santa Cruz:?The Coastal Zone Regulation in City of Capitola: The City of Capitola has a fully certified local coastal program. Coastal Zone Regulation in City of Marina:?

Editor's Picks #534


Niall Patrick Walsh explains how multiple fatal fires earlier this year (in the Bronx and Philadelphia) are but the latest examples in an ongoing national failure " to adhere to existing regulations and unsatisfactory explanations from city officials responsible for enforcing " regulations and safety in public-housing.

Become a Leader in Daylighting Design with VELUX Daylight Visualizer


Daylight Visualizer makes it easy to take informed decisions about architectural and daylighting strategies in your projects, and to evaluate compliance with requirements for daylight performance in building regulations and building rating systems. Luminance rendering from Daylight Visualizer.

Installations on Show: 15 Examples of Applications in Interior Spaces of Homes


According to the regulations in each country and the use defined in each space, the installations can be left visible, giving a certain character and aesthetic to interior spaces. Edificio tríptico / Mariela Marchisio + Cristián Nanzer + Germán Margherit. Image © Gonzalo Viramonte.

IPCC report says architects need to drastically change their ways to curb emissions


All we need to do is implement them—or better yet, introduce regulations and policies to will them into implementation. Here’s a sobering fact: The building sector is dragging down global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. [.]

The Methodology of the New Generation: They are Architects, and They are not Architects


They do not adhere to the definition and break the regulations. The Complete Map of Capital Beijing. Image © Hongyue Wang. There is a group of young Chinese architects that define themselves in their own unique way and inform the public about the "new generation" of architects.

Light as a Design Statement: Inspiring Ways to Manage Natural Lighting.


As a result, this implies missing out on health benefits associated with sunlight exposure, such as vitamin D absorption, regulation of circadian rhythms, higher energy levels and even improved mood. © Eugeni PONS.

California climate action plan calls for all-electric new homes by 2026


As noted by TIME , this, coupled with the plan’s stringent transportation regulations, would put a significant new demand on the electric grid , which would require California to rapidly scale up solar power and storage options.

Bike racks are now being used as hostile architecture in Portland, Oregon


On Wednesday, a reader shared with the Mercury a photo of 22 newly-installed single U-shaped bike racks on one block along the eastern sidewalk of NW Broadway.

Goethe Institute Designed by Kéré Architecture Breaks Ground in Senegal


Located within a residential area and a lush garden, the two-storey structure is shaped by the canopy of trees on-site and is being built using bricks made of laterite, a residual local rock with insulating qualities that help to passively regulate the indoor climate.

Concrete Recycling Is Already a Reality


Inspired by nature, the circular economy works in a continuous process of production, resorption and recycling, self-managing and naturally regulating itself, where waste can turn into supplies for the production of new products. Cortesia de Sika.

Interns | Asymmetry Architects


Knowledge of planning and building regulations. Asymmetry Architects is a Raipur, India based firm. They are looking for Interns for a min. duration of 6 months for Janurary 2022- June 2022. Job Title: Interns. Minimum Qualification: Bachelors of Architecture. Duration: min.

Architects | Asymmetry Architects


Knowledge of planning and building regulations. Asymmetry Architects is a Raipur, India based firm. They are looking for Architects with an experience of min. 0-2 years. Job Title: Architects. Minimum Qualification: Bachelors of Architecture. Experience: min. of 0-2 years.

Daylight Helps Transform a Once Victorian Prison into a Luxurious Hotel


Listed buildings often have construction regulations to preserve historic and architectural interests, impacting thermal comfort and how daylight is introduced to transform building spaces. The Bodmin Jail Hotel. Image Cortesia de VELUX Commercial.

Bathroom Renovator’s Checklist: Things to Consider Before Starting Work

The Architecture Designs

Research local council regulations and check if you’ll need permits for your project. This is another layer of regulation applicable to certain states. The most frustrating part of remodeling your home is preventing yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

The Worrying Absence of Housing Choice

SW Oregon Architect

They can mitigate some shortcomings of Euclidean zoning, but they also add a layer of complexity to regulations most people already have difficulty understanding. I worry about a lot of things. Unfortunately, there is little I can do about many of them.

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Architecture education has "shifted away" from fire safety, experts say on Grenfell anniversary


He added that while there has been "fantastic progress on sustainable design" in recent years, many tutors "have increasingly failed to appreciate the importance of building regulations and the technical performance of materials in their teaching". "It

Energy Efficient Homes: The Need of the Hour?

Aric Gitomer Architect

Energy efficiency manages and regulates our consumption of energy. With smart heating technology, homeowners can regulate the temperature from a wi-fi-enabled device. Climate change is current, and so is your participation in it.

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Los Angeles Ends Free Public Transportation Experiment with Future Plans of Reduced-Fare Transits.


Following California's Covid-19 health regulations in early 2020, Metro , the Los Angeles public transit agency stopped collecting fares on its busses as a safety precaution measure. Metro Transit - LA. Image © 2019 LACMTA Metro.

Meditations on the Harem by Local Jitters


Influenced by architecture and feminist studies by female scholars such as Jane Rendell, Alice Friedman, Donna Haraway, and many more, we define gender as a socially constructed way of regulating intersocietal relations.

Homeowner’s Rights to Build Accessory Dwelling Units in California

Santa Cruz Architect

The statewide standards are meant as “overlay” regulations, meaning local codes generally still apply. Relaxed regulations and a super-tight housing market all combine into the perfect recipe for an ADU explosion.

Senior politician denies deregulation agenda caused failure to review building codes before Grenfell


Eric Pickles was secretary of state at the UK government's Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) – which presided over housing and building regulations in England – between 2010 and 2015. Building regulations team "in a bubble of their own".

MP Duncan Baker launches bill to cap embodied carbon in UK buildings


If passed into law, the Carbon Emissions (Buildings) Bill would require building regulations to be amended to limit the roughly 50 million tonnes of CO2 that are emitted from the materials and construction of buildings in the UK every year.

A conversation with Quang Truong: carbon fiber, zoning, and architecture's slow evolution

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Could you tell us a little bit about Urban Form, the online resource for zoning regulations you’ve been developing? But one reason for technological stagnation in architecture is because of regulations. And currently, those regulations are complicated, opaque, and hard to access.

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