Architecture can’t wait for regulators to lead on sustainability

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The post Architecture can’t wait for regulators to lead on sustainability appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper. With urgent turning points for mitigating climate change drawing ever nearer, it’s time for the architecture field to take notice—and action.

AIA criticizes SCOTUS decision limiting EPA regulation of carbon emissions


” The decision rules that significant new regulations by the EPA require congressional approval and was decided along ideological lines with six conservative justices in favor, and three liberal justices against.


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Ten noise-regulating acoustic products for communal interiors


The fittings facilitate both general illumination and noise regulation, and come in 11 tones including playful bright hues and neutrals. Impact Acoustic has created a collection of noise regulating wall and ceiling panels with pinstripe detailing.

4 Tips on How to Regulate Your House’s Temperature

The Architecture Designs

In most instances, your HVAC unit is the one regulating your house’s temperature. However, there are also times when it just can’t keep up, and you need to do things yourself to regulate your house’s temperature.

A company that peer reviews drawing sets is hiring regulation-savvy architects


The role, which can be performed remotely , requires a minimum of 15 years’ experience in architectural practice and construction, and a strong knowledge of building codes , standards, regulations, and construction administration.

HOOBA Design Group Redefines Building Regulations and Restrictions Creating Unique Hitra Office & Commercial Building


At Hitra Office & Commercial Building, we have found the answer by redefining the current regulations & restrictions to cause a win-win relationship with the building, neighborhood & city. Hooman Balazadeh: We believe that Tehran is facing a crisis due to its ongoing urbanism caused by top-down regulations that dictate special restrictions to get the most out of land and the sky for the benefit of the capitalist class. Project Status: Built. Year: 2021.

An affluent California town is going to ridiculous lengths to get around affordable housing regulation


The well-heeled Silicon Valley suburb of Woodside has come up with a novel way to block plans that would potentially bring in more affordable housing: Declare itself Cougar Town.

The UK's new Part O regulations are being implemented at the right time


New regulations, called Part O, took effect in England in June, requiring that new homes are built with some measures to combat overheating.

2021 showed the power of policy, codes, and regulations in the United States and around the world


For reasons both tragic and optimistic, 2021 was a year where regulations and policy were never far from the media spotlight.

Regulating angle valves by SCHELL offer the perfect combination of form & function

Building and Interiors

All over the world, people are looking for improvements in hygiene and water saving as… The post Regulating angle valves by SCHELL offer the perfect combination of form & function appeared first on Building And Interiors. Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & Furniture Featured Stories Latest Stories Plumbing Systems Bathroom Building Products design home kitchen LED plumbing materials shower tr tra

SCHELL COMFORT regulating angle valve with filter protects your fittings & appliances

Building and Interiors

Not only… The post SCHELL COMFORT regulating angle valve with filter protects your fittings & appliances appeared first on Building And Interiors. Water is a basic necessity essential for the everyday function of human life. Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & Furniture Featured Stories Latest Stories Plumbing Systems Bathroom LED plumbing materials technology test tr tra

UK government introduces restrictions for timber in mid-rise buildings' external walls


Timber wall systems will need to pass a large-scale fire safety test before they can be used on medium-rise residential blocks in England under building regulations being introduced by the UK government. Above: the Grenfell Tower fire prompted a review of building regulations.

Placemaking Pitfall

Landscape Architecture Magazine

ACCESSIBILITY ART CITIES NOW REGULATIONS STREETS crosswalks disability pedestrian placemaking safety street murals Timothy A. BY TIMOTHY A. SCHULER. A group of disability rights organizations raised concerns about a mural crosswalk in London’s Bankside neighborhood.


Landscape Architecture Magazine

CITIES CLIMATE ECOLOGY ENVIRONMENT NOW PLANNING PLANTS REAL ESTATE REGULATIONS RESILIENCE STREETS TRANSPORTATION Arizona car independence cars courtyards Culdesac Tempe Floor Associates Kristina Floor light rail Mixed-Use paseos Tempe Timothy Schuler

April LAM: Designing Policy

Landscape Architecture Magazine

Click to view slideshow. FOREGROUND . In the Tank (Water). Amid the wetlands and steel plants of Chicago’s Big Marsh Park, a new water recycling system at the Ford Calumet Environmental Center renews the region’s ecological potential. Tavern on the Scene (Preservation).


Landscape Architecture Magazine

BY JARED BREY. Gulf State Park in Alabama is one of the largest public projects to be funded through the Deepwater Horizon settlement. Many more are coming. FROM THE JANUARY 2022 ISSUE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE.

The Parson Capen House, 1683, Topsfield, MA

Jane Griswold Radocchia

circle geometry First Period geometry parson capen house regulating lines research TopsfieldThis post, first published in 2014, is being revised based on a better understanding of the geometry. Parson Joseph Capen built this house in 1683 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.


Landscape Architecture Magazine

ECOLOGY ECONOMICS EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE REGION REGULATIONS RESILIENCE UNIVERSITY WATER Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy Colorado Basin Colorado River Colorado River watershed drought Lincoln Institute of Land Policy map water rightsBY LISA OWENS VIANI.


Jane Griswold Radocchia

daisy wheel Lines practical geometry lessons regulating lines SerlioThe posts in this series Lessons 1-7 are : [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link].

Saltbox Geometry

Jane Griswold Radocchia

abbott lowell cummings chalk line practical geometry regulating lines saltboxI have been thinking about simple house forms and their straightforward geometry. I was asked about window placement for a modern saltbox. I had no simple answer.

4 Essential Elements of Site Analysis.


Considering site location, topography, zoning regulations, traffic conditions, and climate allows a designer to maximize opportunities and anticipate potential issues. Courtesy of SketchUp. Site analysis is a crucial first step in creating a viable building design.

Site 87

What Should Home Owners Be Aware Of Before Purchasing or Renovating a Home?

Aric Gitomer Architect

Understand the Local Regulations. From the homebuyers’ perspective, you must ensure to find out about the local regulations. Ignoring building regulations could dampen your plans of adding an extension or renovation in the future. The regulations (NJAC 5:26-6.3)

Shuttered coalfield development in West Virginia will be transformed into renewable energy enterprise

The Architect's Newsletter

In recent years, however, the switch to natural gas and tough regulations placed on coal and power plant operators has jeopardized the [.]. Coal was king for decades in rural Appalachia.

engineers create durable concrete using rubber from recycled tires


the lighter, greener concrete meets the strength standards required by building regulations and significantly reduces manufacturing and transport costs.

Práctica Arquitectura built La Hacienda weekend retreat with large courtyard in Mexico

World Architecture Community

Mexican architecture practice Práctica Arquitectura has built a weekend retreat with a large inner courtyard that "becomes the diaphragm and regulates the interactions, deconstructing the hermetic division between public and private space" in the Mexican town

clad in rammed earth + burnt wood, ‘santerra house’ echoes the arid mexican landscape


led by parma arquitectura, the project harnesses the benefits of rammed earth, namely heat-regulation and low-water-demands.

greenhouse-like patio punctures slow studio’s passive house in spain


the patio aids to regulate the temperature throughout the house, acting as a thermal buffer in summer and winter. The post greenhouse-like patio punctures slow studio’s passive house in spain appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

Meet international influencers ODA Architecture: Your Next Employer?


Archinect Feature: Beyond the Street: ODA Proposes a Zoning Regulation To Expand the Public Space in New York The firm is now seeking to expand by advertising over on Archinect Jobs for several roles in architecture, landscape design, and interiors.

New York City and the AIANY are searching for permanent outdoor dining solutions

The Architect's Newsletter

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, outdoor dining structures across the United States have evolved and solidified from laxly regulated, amorphous impromptu solutions intended to let customers [.].

America’s Public Housing is Burning, Fueled by Cold Indifference


However, the reactions by the same officials would suggest that a moment requiring urgent reforms in regulations, funding, and oversight is instead being met with indifference In early 2022, building fires at publicly-funded properties in the Bronx and Philadelphia claimed 29 lives.

WZMH Develops Modular System to Save Partially or Fully Destroyed Structures.


Whereas master plans and regulations take years, millions of people remain trapped in the crossfire and urgently need aid in their cities. Courtesy of WZMH Architects.

Net-Zero by 2050: How Does it Affect the Building Industry?

The Architecture Designs

One of the biggest steps towards this has happened recently with new building regulations coming into effect on June 15th that will change the way in which homes are built and improved.

with this 3D-printed cap, turkish households can save 35 tons of water per year


initially designed as a finish rinse aid bottle cap, the device can be easily upcycled and installed as a water regulator in most turkish homes.

Best Electric Grill for Apartment Balcony


Since building and federal fire safety regulations and standards may prevent you from using live flames and charcoal, your best option is to use an electric grill. Do you want to grill the best foods outdoors when you live in an apartment complex?

The California Coastal Commission

Santa Cruz Architect

Coastal Zone Regulation, County of Santa Cruz:?In Coastal Zone Regulation in City of Santa Cruz:?The Coastal Zone Regulation in City of Capitola: The City of Capitola has a fully certified local coastal program. Coastal Zone Regulation in City of Marina:?



As per local architectural regulations and competition guidelines, the building motifs are strictly minimalist, with straight and even masses creating monotonous rhythms.

Creating and Managing Qualified Teams for Architectural Projects


From understanding client demands, complying to local regulations, staying within budget, getting the necessary approvals for development and construction details, a lot of time, resources and decisions are involved. © Indypendenz (Shutterstock).