Straw-bale Construction

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Straw-bale construction is a building method that uses bales of straw (commonly wheat, rice, rye and oats straw) as structural elements, building insulation, or both. This construction method is commonly used in natural building construction projects.

Ep 99: Construction Drawings

Life of an Architect

Construction Drawings are the documents architects use to convey architectural intent - size, location, quantity - and learning how to properly prepare them is getting harder and harder. The post Ep 99: Construction Drawings first appeared on Life of an Architect.


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Building Location, Fire-Rated Construction, and You

Santa Cruz Architect

In the case of buildings requiring fire-resistive construction both eave and ridge venting assemblies must be specially constructed and detailed, thus adding to construction costs. Everyone wants to make the most out of their property.

Mass timber construction next?

Brandon Donnelly

I’m not an expert when it comes to wood construction, but I will offer up three items that have come up for us in the past. So switching to a construction method that is less common comes with some additional risks. One of the things you need to do during construction is dewater, or draw down the water level within your site so that you can actually build.

Which Building Construction Materials Are Ecological?


One of the main emitters of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, the construction sector is increasingly looking for new ways and means that can make works more sustainable and, in some way, mitigate damage to the environment. Timber Bridge in Gulou Waterfront / LUO studio. Photo: © Weiqi Jin.

Construction update: Junction House

Brandon Donnelly

This is a photo of Junction House that I took this morning after our weekly construction meeting. construction development 2720 dundas street west concrete piles dundas street west fly forms junction house condos mid-rise building the junction toronto

Tropical Townhouse / Dat Thu Design and Construction


architects: Dat Thu Design and Construction Location: 492 ?. © Minq Bui. i, Hi?p p Thành, Th? t, Bình D??ng ng 750000, Vietnam Project Year: 2022 Photographs: Minq Bui Area: 2012.0 Read more ». Residential Architecture. Houses

UK construction activity survey news


RICS construction survey 2021, British Building Industry, UK Housebuilding Guide. UK construction activity to grow in 2022. UK construction activity expected to grow despite labour shortages and soaring material costs. UK construction activity to grow news.



Construction businesses should be able to estimate a pretty accurate cost for any projects they are working on or will be doing in the future. The post COST ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN CONSTRUCTION appeared first on Archute.

The Difference Between a Construction Company and a Restoration Company

The Architecture Designs

Construction Company or Restoration Company? Construction Company or water damage Company ? From an amateur point of view, he can call a restoration company or a construction company. What is a Construction & Construction company? Residential construction.

4 Ways Contractors Can Upgrade Their Building And Construction Skills

The Architecture Designs

Construction has become an essential service for individuals and companies in recent years. Whether it’s about building real estate property, a wooden structure, a dam, or other structures, the construction industry is there to handle these projects.

Energy Efficient Construction

Westeck News

Energy Efficient Construction. Over the past half century or so, the preferred design approaches for energy-efficient construction have swung back and forth between restricting window-to-wall ratio and maximizing daylighting to reduce the lighting energy budget.

Does off-site construction equal more compromises?

Brandon Donnelly

Perhaps the most high profile is the bankruptcy of off-site construction company Katerra, which had raised some $2 billion in funding, but for whatever reason(s) couldn’t figure things out. architecture construction design development factory OS manufacturing modular nabr off-site construction prefabricatedWe have been talking about prefabricated and modular buildings for so long that it’s easy to think it might never happen.

Site 40

Kéré Architecture-designed Goehte Insitut Dakar begins construction in Senegal


The post Kéré Architecture-designed Goehte Insitut Dakar begins construction in Senegal appeared first on Åvontuura. Visitors and employees are to be provided with a space that speaks to and is home to the storied cultural tapestry of Senegal’s capital.

7 Shed Construction Blunders And Ways To Avoid Them

The Architecture Designs

Here are the common blunders that most amateur shed builders make during construction. Check with your building council and find out about these rules before you begin construction. The post 7 Shed Construction Blunders And Ways To Avoid Them appeared first on The Architecture Designs.

University at Buffalo students are constructing tiny homes to fight homelessness


Students from the University at Buffalo have embarked on the construction of three tiny homes to help combat homelessness. Construction on the homes began in June 2022, and are expected to be completed by June 2023.

How Much Does a Construction Worker Earn

The Architecture Designs

It depends on many things, how much does a construction worker earn? Normally earnings increase with experience in the construction field. There is no doubt that earnings in the construction area are good. How much does a construction worker earn.

Femingas: Participatory Construction with a Gender Perspective in Ecuador


In the field of design and construction, the question of gender is a point of conflict: who has the possibility of building? It is from these questions that Femingas , a participatory construction conference with a gender perspective, arose. Proyecto escenario alterno 02.

Architect | Vattakkattu Constructions


Type of involvement The post Architect | Vattakkattu Constructions first appeared on ArchiDiaries. Job Title: Architect. Job Description. Skills Required. Minimum Qualification – B. Please mention all specifications of the Job – Work from home available.

Greenhouse Construction Costs and Design Considerations

The Architecture Designs

The commercial greenhouse construction process for cannibus growers aims to build an environment that increases cannabis crop yield by optimizing temperature, humidity, and lighting levels. Why Location Matters in Greenhouse Construction.

Construction starting at One Delisle

Brandon Donnelly

One, the sales gallery for One Delisle has now officially closed in preparation for demolition and construction (above is a photo from moving day). Two quick project announcements today.

TA-CHA Design Constructs Recycled Timber Binary Wood House


Binary Wood House – Developed from the initial plan to construct a Airbnb/ private resort, Binary Wood House was finally built to become a second home for a Bangkokian family of five, and hopefully the last home for the soon-retiree parents. Project Status: Built. Year: 2019.

Innovative Pedestrian Bridges and Their Construction Details


In order to encourage the use of pedestrian infrastructure, here we present footbridges designed by architecture offices and structural engineers , alongside their construction details, to showcase innovative solutions in terms of materials, forms, and structures. © Norbert Tukaj.

The World's 25 Tallest Buildings Currently Under Construction


Every year, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat - CTBUH ranks the world's tallest buildings , ranging from completed projects to under construction, and proposed. Responding to the global challenges of dense cities and the inability to cater to the world’s 7.8

Renovation Construction Surprises

Life of an Architect

I've been practicing architecture for over 20 years and I can say with certainty that I am still surprised by the construction methods chosen by some contractors. Continue reading Renovation Construction Surprises at Life of an Architect.

Everything Construction Contractors Need to Know About Surety Bonds

The Architecture Designs

Contractor’s Guide to Construction Bonds. As a construction contractor, you will likely encounter several different types of surety bonds. How Construction Bonds Work. Why Construction Bonds Are Required. Types of Construction Bonds.

How To Hire a Construction Project Manager


The success of a construction project depends on several things such as the construction team, planning, and above everything else, the construction project manager.

£14m Livingston ASN school cleared for construction

Urban Realm

The planning green light clears the way for construction to begin on the 2,437sq/m Norr designed Beatlie Campus adjacent to the Craigswood Sports Centre off Grange Road.

New Construction Is Not Always the Answer


via the Greater Syracuse Land Bank. This article was originally published on Common Edge. California, as with most American states, has a housing crisis.

Constructs | Space Protests


Constructs, an essay seeks to explore how and in what ways can our community and public spaces react to protests and demonstrations of power. Fig: 2 – Construction materials used as barricades for protests in Hong Kong (Credits- Kim Cheung).

pihlmann architects Repurpose Materials to Construct Art Hub Copenhagen


They have a lot of hands-on experience, also when it comes to working with architectural objects, so exploring the construction site together with them searching for potentials was valuable in many ways. Project Status: Built. Year: 2021. Size: 1000 sqft – 3000 sqft.

Paints: A handbook for construction industry professionals

Building and Interiors

Choose your wall design with its colour catalogue for interior, exterior, waterproofing solutions, wood and metal, primers, emulsion, oil paint and undercoats, and construction solutions.

Despite salary increases, construction job openings remain at a record high


A major increase in hourly wages has not stopped a record number of unfilled positions in the construction industry, according to a new analysis by the Association of General Contractors of America (AGC). The unemployment rate in construction also fell from 6.7%

Construction Begins on HENN’s Zoomlion Headquarters in Changsha, China


HENN has envisioned the construction machinery manufacturer’s headquarters as a gathering place that will concentrate most of the social activities happening on the site. Courtesy of HENN. Architecture firm HENN has broken ground on the new Zoomlion Headquarters.

New Images Reveal Construction Progress of ODA's POST Rotterdam


Construction Progress. Image © Ossip. Omnam Group (OMNAM) and ODA have shared the progress of their restoration and reinvention project of the historic post office, POST Rotterdam.

The Future of Steel Construction: 4 Innovations to Watch Out For


The post The Future of Steel Construction: 4 Innovations to Watch Out For appeared first on ArchEyes. Architecture Construction SteelIf the worldwide steel market were its own country, it probably would have the third-largest gross domestic product (GDP), behind the U.S. and China.

What Is Fiberglass? | Fiberglass Types & How They’re Used in Construction

Architecture Lab

But to understand this clearly, you’ll need to know what fiberglass actually is and various other essential facets of this construction material. Appliances & Technology Types Of Fiberglass Uses Of Fiberglass In Construction What Is Fiberglass

Columns vs. shear walls in residential and office construction

Brandon Donnelly

Other cities don’t build their residential buildings with all of these shear walls and so should we really be limiting the future flexibility of our multi-family housing supply by constructing in this way?

New study finds that modular construction produces 45% less carbon than traditional methods


Factory-produced homes can produce up to 45% less carbon than traditional methods of residential construction, according to new research by academics from the University of Cambridge and Edinburgh Napier University.

Apropos Architects Construct ‘Career Changing’ Residenz Eisenerz


The house is constructed on pillars going into the bearing layer of the subsoil to a depth of 16-20 m. The post Apropos Architects Construct ‘Career Changing’ Residenz Eisenerz appeared first on Journal. Project Status: Built. Year: 2020. Size: 10,000 sqft – 25,000 sqft. Residenz Eisenerz – The rental apartment house is located in Sargans in the canton of St.