Don’t Let the Internet Design Your Project

Life of an Architect

Despite knowing it was coming for me, I decided to post one of my recent sketches to Instagram and Facebook … and I was murdered. For 95% of those folks doing the murdering, their intentions were honest and well intended. For the other 5%, … I won’t say what I want to say.

Classical Baltimore pied-à-terre for sale

architect design™

One of my many hobbies is tracking real estate (yes they are all architectural!) so when a friend sent me this apartment for sale in the Mt Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore I knew immediately I would have to share it here with you!


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Granite Ward: Exterior Details

Historic LDS Architecture

A couple of sculptures by Avard Fairbanks are on the gates of the building. Granite Ward

A Holiday Treat

Michael Imber

This time of year brings to mind traveling to see family to share the holidays and the festive meals that come with the celebrations.

“State of the Platform” at EntreArchitect


Celebrating 7 Years Serving Small Firm Architects. All this month EntreArchitect is celebrating our 7th-anniversary serving small firm architects around the world.

23 Contemporary Buildings You Shouldn’t Miss in Bangkok

Virginia Duran

In 1782 Bangkok became the capital of Siam – as Thailand was previously known. Its strategic position within the protective curve of Chao Phraya River to the West and the vast, swampy delta of the Sea of Mud that secured the city to the East was key.

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Community Resource Center

Bruce F. Roth Architect

Altgeld Family Resource Center, Chicago.

Bio-Hacking the Office Environment: “Safe Haven”

Dennis Kowal Architects

Bio-Hacking the office environment: Safe Haven. When the mind connects with some visceral feeling from the outdoor experience, it excites the brain.

Quotes and Sayings

Architects Tales

-I always have a quotation for everything – it saves original thinking.- Dorothy Sayers, novelist. Post No. 30 of the blog, www.architects-tales.com; Copyright 2019 on only format, notes and arrangement by Dale R. Ellickson. Note to reader.

6 Steps to choosing a university abroad for architecture & design

Architecture Chat

Decide Your Subject Based on your previous education and your recent experience, you should choose a line that suits your interest best. Also, make sure the subject aligns with what you want to pursue in the future and should also provide you with usable skills.

As-Built Drawing Adventure

Life of an Architect

If you are an architect, it's a pretty safe bet that at some point in your career you've had to go on site and collect some existing dimensions for a project. My career is now almost 30 years in the making and not only have I done this possibly hundreds of time, I did it just last week. As far a site measures go, I've done some pretty horrific site measures before and let me tell you, this one doesn't even crack my top 50. In fact, you'd have to wear an actual hazmat suit to get into my top 5.

Site 77

The Parisians: Tastemakers at Home

architect design™

As I prepare for my trip to Paris next week, I'm salivating over the houses featured in Catherine Synave's new book: The Parisians: Tastemakers at Home. Parisians are known the world over for their incredible style and this book steps into the homes of leading French tastemakers to inspire us.

Detroit Branch & Fairbanks Panels

Historic LDS Architecture

One of my favorite parts about running this blog is when local members reach out to me to alert me of some unique architectural feature or art in their local building. I had that happen to me just recently.

revealing the secret to the things a minimalist chooses to remain within his house

Think | Architect

I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like. No, I do not like that phrase, nor subscribe to its tenets. Nevertheless, if we wish to have autonomy as citizens of this country or this planet and ascribe value in the objects we possess, we must not submit to the artificial value […].

Art 52

Is your architecture website hurting your firm?


Imagine you’ll get hungry tomorrow while you’re out and you decide to pick up some quick lunch. What would happen as you drove down the road if you didn’t see signs for McDonald’s or Chipotle—but instead only “Fast Food” or “Eat My Lunch?”. Or let’s say you needed a new pair of shoes.

Firms 52

10 Picture-Perfect Cities in Europe to Visit This Autumn

Virginia Duran

As Autumn slowly makes its way in, the cultural calendar picks up steam at the same time cities turn vivid ochre and old gold. Europe is always a good idea for a trip during this season as besides the undeniable charm, there is an interesting and educational program going on.

14 Outdoor Pillows That Signal the Official Start of Negroni Season


Set the scene for cocktails on the patio with these bold colors and fun patterns. Need to give your outdoor space a refresh, but don’t want to invest in new furniture?

Revit: New Ceiling Grid Pattern, Part 1 - Fill Pattern

The Architect's Desktop

In order to have a new ceiling type with a "custom" ceiling grid pattern, you need a Fill Pattern that defines the grid pattern, a Material to which that Fill Pattern can be assigned as a Surface Pattern, and, finally, a Ceiling Type to which that Material can be assigned.

Bio-hacking the Office Environment: Lighting

Dennis Kowal Architects

Bio-Hacking the office environment: Lighting. Dennis Kowal Architects designs WELL buildings meant to improve productivity and health by resonating with biological systems in a positive way…much like nature.

C.A.L.O.R.I.C – Principled Negotiating

Architects Tales

-What is the best way for people to deal with their differences?- Roger Fisher and William Ury. Story no. 29 for the blog, www.architects-tales.com; Copyright 2019 by Dale R. Ellickson. Many architects of my generation lament that they had no formal training in negotiating. That is no accident.

18 Affordable and decorative indoor flower pots

Architecture Chat

Building a new home or redecorating your place, planters and a touch of greenery is an essential feature for the interiors now a days.

Stairs are Complicated

Life of an Architect

Some of the most complicated and underappreciated architectural drawings to ever exist are those depicting stairs. While I will readily concede that part of me likes the technical challenges that come from detailing stairs, the vast majority of me loathes preparing them. Unless the stairs are cool. These are the stairs that are in the process of getting built at our “Oak Grove” project, and this is the sketch that sent me down my rabbit hole last week.

MGM Style - Cedric Gibbons and the art of the golden age of Hollywood

architect design™

As long time readers of this blog may remember, I'm a huge fan of movies, particularly classics. A large part of that fascination may be for the sets and the most famous set designer is, of course, Cedric Gibbons.

Toquerville Ward

Historic LDS Architecture

Toquerville is a small community northwest of St. George, located on the banks of Ash Creek, which runs down along the rim of the Great Basin to the Virgin River. Near the center of town is one of the oldest standing buildings, an original LDS Chapel built in 1879.

the architecture of theory and how it is evidenced in my practice

Think | Architect

Theory and abstraction are not the same. I’ll merely scratch the surface. When I started architecture school in 1986, the first two core classes of Kent State University’s curriculum in those days were Theory of Architecture I and II. Second year greeted us with Theory III and IV.

10 Rules for Building a Powerful Brand in Architecture


When Annmarie and I launched our architecture studio in 1999, we knew that we wanted to give our firm a unique identity. Every other firm in the region was named for their founders. Another “Smith and Smith Architects” was not what we wanted to be. (No No offense to any Smith and Smiths out there.)

Firms 52

Modern Religious Architecture: 10 Stunning Constructions Of The Past 10 Years

Virginia Duran

What’s the role of religion nowadays? In an increasingly stressful and individualistic world, worship places around the world are doing their best at providing peaceful spaces where a community of people can thrive together, as a group.

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash


Respect yourself with our naturally radical, certified-organic, biodegradable soap that feels like jumping into a cold river on a hot day. Bottled in 100% California curbside-collected recycled PET. Don't forget to refill with a gallon or at a refill partner near you.

Architect vs. Engineer : Design Meeting

30X40 Design Workshop

A structural engineer is a part of the design team for all my residential work in the studio. In this video you'll join me for the kick-off meeting with my engineer as we begin developing the structural design for the Outpost project.

Reviving your Library

Dennis Kowal Architects

Reviving your Library. Mommy, please take me to the Library” has been a consistent comment about our renovations of the windowless basement of the Plainfield Public Library. Exposed pipes? No problem, let’s reinvent them into jungle vines. A hole in the floor from an old story pit?

Rocky’s Clause

Architects Tales

– Learning never exhausts the mind. – Leonardo da Vinci. Blog story no. 28 for www.architects-tales.com, Copyright 2019 by Dale R. Ellickson.

Which book is best for NATA preparation?

Architecture Chat

Apex Publications Complete Self Study Material Kit for NATA and JEE-Arch. This self study material package combines all of the necessary NATA syllabus into one. The edition is complete with the latest syllabus, sketch book, practice tests and NATA study material. It doesn’t stop there.

029: Architects Should Work Construction

Life of an Architect

If I have one regret during my college education is that I never worked on a construction site. Once I graduated from college, I went straight to work in an architectural office, drawing up all sorts of stuff that I had literally never seen before in my life. I managed to get along but I was acutely aware of my lack of practical knowledge and I have been trying to make up for it over the last 20+ years.

The Landmark Trust chateau -or the most perfect little house in the world!

architect design™

On my recent vacation spent touring English country houses one of the best decisions was to rent a property from The Landmark Trust. The Landmark Trust is a charity that rescues important buildings that would otherwise be lost. The best part?