Zoning controls, sprawl, and housing affordability

Brandon Donnelly

Nolan Gray article where he calls for an end to zoning as we know it today: In nearly every major U.S. The most a developer can build in these zones is a detached single-family home. But, free of zoning, the city can constantly remake itself. In other words, how cheap could we make new infill housing in our older cities if we were to greatly loosen zoning controls or possibly even remove them all together? nolan gray sprawl suburban sprawl zoning

The inclusionary zoning shortfall

Brandon Donnelly

Colliers recently hosted a webinar about inclusionary zoning here in Toronto. This shortfall is the red box area in the above graph that says, “impact of inclusionary zoning.”


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Density bonus as inclusionary zoning offset

Brandon Donnelly

Somebody on Twitter responded to my recent post about inclusionary zoning and asked: Aren’t all the upzonings that the City is already doing a kind of density bonus? ” Why does there need to be any other sort of subsidy in order to mitigate the economic impacts of inclusionary zoning? In the case of Toronto, the market is just responding to out-of-date zoning.

All(zone) chosen to design MPavilion 2022 in Melbourne


Bangkok architecture studio All(zone) has been revealed as the next practice to design Melbourne's MPavilion , an annual architecture commission similar to London's Serpentine Pavilion. Bangkok-based architecture studio All(zone) will become the ninth designer of the pavilion.

Zoning 106

Wash Zone Cafe / FRATT Design Studio


© Byungyun Kim. architects: FRATT Design Studio Location: 28 Seohanam-ro 12beon-gil, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Project Year: 2021 Photographs: Byungyun Kim Area: 211.0 Read more ». Interior Design. Hospitality Interiors. Coffee Shop Interiors

River West Gateway & Transition Zone // VIKELAS ARCHITECTS


The project concerns the design of the connection zone between the existing shopping center “RIVER WEST” and the new expansion area “RIVER WEST OPEN” This is an aesthetic and functional upgrade of the existing traffic corridor that now leads to the outdoor area of ??the

Case studies on inclusionary zoning

Brandon Donnelly

Back in 2017, Portland, Oregon enacted new inclusionary zoning policies mandating that all new residential projects with 20 or more units must deliver a specified amount of affordable housing. As many of you know, I struggle with inclusionary zoning. housing city observatory housing supply inclusionary zoning portland

Thailand's all(zone) will create the 2022 MPavilion


Innovative Thai practice all(zone) has been named the winner of Australia’s coveted annual MPavilion commission, now in its ninth iteration coming out of a two-year pandemic hiatus. ” all(zone)'s MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ennead Architects reveal their vision for a symbolic new free trade zone in Shanghai


Lingang will join Shanghai’s core business area to the adjacent Dishui Lake district and create a free trade zone that developers expect will lure a variety of international business concerns to the new venture.

Zoning 108

Zoned housing supply vs. actual housing supply

Brandon Donnelly

This Twitter thread by UC Davis Law Professor, Chris Elmendorf, is a good reminder that there can be a meaningful difference between actual completed homes and zoned land that might one day becoming new housing.

Understanding the LA – Lake Austin Zoning Overlay

Clark Richardson | Architect & Sustainability

For folks who have a property on Lake Austin or are thinking about buying one, understanding the ins and outs of the Lake Austin (LA) Zoning Overlay and how it relates to development is critical. We have done a number of projects in the LA Overlay and we recommend consulting with a qualified architect prior to either purchasing land or considering new construction or renovation / additions in this zone.

All(zone), a Bangkok-Based Studio, Selected to Design the MPavilion 2022 in Melbourne


The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has announced that internationally renowned architecture and design practice all(zone) is the the recipient of the MPavilion 2022 commission. Courtesy of MPavilion 2022 Media Centre.

Dongguan University Of Technology International Cooperation Zone


Dongguan University Of Technology International Cooperation Zone Buildings, New Chinese Building Images. Dongguan University Of Technology International Cooperation Zone Design. Dongguan University Of Technology International Cooperation Zone, Guangdong.

Nine projects with sunken living zones | News | Architonic


Humanity, as with many species, has a natural desire for proximity. We have a tendency to crowd towards surfaces, to feel the embrace of their security and solidity around us, protecting us from danger and hardship. ‘I

A conversation with Quang Truong: carbon fiber, zoning, and architecture's slow evolution

Portland Architecture

And that's before he wrote the world's first book about composite materials in architecture, became a Portland State University professor, and founded a software company to visualize complex zoning codes. How might you like to see Portland’s zoning change?

Zoning 130

Stack By Step Red Zone Boarding House // Ismail Solehudin Architecture


Stack By Step Red Zone Boarding House Gallery. The post Stack By Step Red Zone Boarding House // Ismail Solehudin Architecture appeared first on Journal. Project Status: Built. Year: 2021. Size: 0 sqft – 1000 sqft. Text description provided by the architects. Issue and Main idea. After we found out that the site having such a small area, located in crowded urban space and will be used for commercial building.

Pingyuan New Area Cultural Touristic City Exhibition Center by Zone of Utopia and MFA


Source by Zone of Utopia and MFA. architecture China Exhibition Hall Mathieu Forest Architecte Zone of Utopia featured

Pingyuan New Area Cultural Touristic City Exhibition Center by Zone of Utopia and MFA


Source by Zone of Utopia and MFA. architecture China Exhibition Hall Mathieu Forest Architecte Zone of Utopia featured

Bangkok studio all(zone) selected to design MPavilion 2022 in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens

World Architecture Community

Bangkok-based architecture studio all(zone) has been selected to design the MPavilion ”’ in Melbourne&#Öü;s Queen Vi #architecture #design #arch.

350 paper airplanes at guggenheim museum call for no-fly zone in ukraine


The post 350 paper airplanes at guggenheim museum call for no-fly zone in ukraine appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

Zoning 108

Boston Coastal Flood Resilience Design Guidelines & Zoning Overlay District // Utile, Inc.


As a critical step in the City’s Climate Ready Boston Initiative, Utile led the development of Boston’s first Coastal Resilience Design Guidelines and recommendations for a citywide zoning overlay in collaboration with the Boston Planning and Development Agency. These will be enabled by the future zoning overlay which covers areas with a 1% chance of coastal flooding in 2070.Utile worked with Kleinfelder and Noble, Wickersham & Hart, LLP and an advisory team of HDR and Offshoots, Inc.

Snapshot: Ice Cubes by Zone of Utopia + Mathieu Forest Architecte

Architectural Record

Nine stacked glass cubes form the first building in the forthcoming Pingyuan cultural district and tourism center

Ice Cubes Cultural Tourist Center by Zone of Utopia | Trade fair & exhibition buildings


The Xinxiang Cultural Tourism Center is the architectural icon of the new tourism district, which will be dedicated to winter sports, including the presence of the future indoor ski slope. The ambition of the project is to create a strong urban indicator that unites the whole district.

Zoning 104

Care-free zone | Reddot Award winning project by Staron® | Manufacturer references


The award-winning Care-free Zone with STARON is the solution to all of these problems and more. The COVID-19 pandemic totally redefined the very core of our world and people are nowadays looking for innovative ways to keep each other safe.

Aedas and Huayi Design win Shenzhen Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone


Located along the Shenzhen River (Sham Chun River), a natural border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the 3,870,000 sq m Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone at the Lok Ma Chau Loop (LMC Loop).

Call for Entries: Reconstruction and Improvement Plans for Weiming Environmental Protection Projects of Demonstration Zone of Green and Integrated Ecological Development of the Yangtze River Delta.


Organization Guiding Organization: Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau Of JiaShan Host: Jiashan Weiming Environmental Protection Energy Co., Technical Support: City Chief Planner Team. Read more

Disease-breeding tenements

Brandon Donnelly

This, of course, is a form of exclusionary zoning. In the meantime, we are implementing things like inclusionary zoning, which I guess makes some people feel better about themselves and the current state of affairs. housing planning urbanism 99% invisible exclusionary zoning housing supply inclusionary zoning low-rise neighborhoods racist zoning single-family home spadina avenue spadina gardens suburban sprawl toronto

Small-scale retail is set to return to Toronto

Brandon Donnelly

Right now these uses are only permitted in low-rise neighborhoods on major streets and through an amendment to the Zoning By-Law (unless the nonconforming use already exists). planning urbanism city of toronto land use policy public meeting shaw st small scale retail zoning zoning bylaw amendmentProgress is happening slowly but surely. Over the years we have spoken a few times about this nice little coffee shop on Shaw Street here in Toronto.

Berlin is considering going car free

Brandon Donnelly

A grass roots movement called Volksentscheid Berlin Autofrei, or the People’s Decision for Auto-Free Berlin, is trying to turn the entire core of the city into a car-free zone. mobility urbanism berlin car free car free zone london manhattan new york walkable

A new 15-minute city is being developed near Salt Lake City

Brandon Donnelly

In this case, the plan is to create car free zones (or limited vehicle zones) across the various centers of the development. planning urbanism 15 minute city car free zone draper park city salt lake city sandy the point utah

Last surviving stick-style Bunker Hill home lists in Los Angeles

The Spaces

It’s now a fixture of the Angelino Heights Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. Featured Property Angelino Heights Angelino Heights Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.

Space 59

What kind of monster wants to bulldoze wild roses?

Brandon Donnelly

These are just two examples of San Francisco’s exclusionary zoning problem, but of course, the city has other unfortunate things going as well. housing urbanism exclusionary zoning housing supply nellie bowles san franciscoI just finished reading this article by Nellie Bowles about how San Francisco became a failed city. Here’s an excerpt that relates to housing supply: Consider the story of the flower farm at 770 Woolsey Street. It slopes down 2.2

Are all red light districts bad and undesirable?

Brandon Donnelly

planning urbanism adult entertainment zoning amsterdam de wallen erotic center failed architecture new york city red light district the tenderloin times squareTimes Square in New York has, as we all know, a checkered past.

Displacement and gentrification

Brandon Donnelly

Next let’s assume that the zoning has just been updated for the land and it is now possible and economically feasible to build a total of 300 housing units in a new high-rise building. housing housing supply land use land use restrictions planning rental replacement zoningLet’s consider a scenario where we have a relatively affordable 20-unit apartment building in a rapidly growing global city.

Informal settlements are the desire lines of housing

Brandon Donnelly

Jay’s point with informal housing is that it is similarly what people actually want to do, but maybe can’t, usually because of restrictive zoning and/or building codes. architecture housing real estate urbanism garden suites informal settlements jay strange los angeles new york times strong towns toronto ucla zoningToronto’s new garden suite (accessory dwelling unit) policies are headed to Planning and Housing Committee this week for approval.

Weekend link roundup — Ukraine and gas supply to Warren Buffet and Canadian housing supply

Brandon Donnelly

Link ] Yet another simple example by Bobby Fijan on how highly restrictive zoning codes and design guidelines don’t always produce the end results that we might want. Link ] My friend Randy Gladman, who is senior vice-president of development advisory at Colliers here in Toronto, published an opinion piece in the Financial Post last week about the hidden costs of inclusionary zoning.

Looking forward to ISE 2022 | Architecture | Architonic


Visitors will find it particularly easy to navigate the showfloor this year, thanks to the dedicated Technology Zones that group together exhibitors in major technology areas.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games: Discover the Full List of Projects


The Winter Olympics made a brave move by adding two snow zones in Zhangjiakou and Yanqing to the ice zone in Beijing , creating an unprecedented three-zone system for the Winter Olympics. Courtesy of THAD.



architects: ARCHSTUDIO Location: 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China Project Year: 2022 Photographs: Weiqi Jin Area: 880.0 street view. Image © Weiqi Jin. Read more ». Cultural Architecture. Museums & Exhibit. Gallery. Refurbishment. Renovation

The California Coastal Commission

Santa Cruz Architect

The California Coastal Commission is a state agency with quasi-judicial regulatory oversight over land use and public access in the California coastal zone. The Implementation Plan is generally a part of a city’s zoning ordinance. Coastal Zone Regulation, County of Santa Cruz:?In