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Redrawing Boundaries: The Three Principles of Minimalist Windows


This condition prompted the creation of architectural designs that not only integrated windows as functional elements but also as compositional. Thanks to technological innovations, windows with slender framings and wider openings were achieved, as exemplified in works such as Villa Savoye and Farnsworth House.

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Meet New York City's window-washing robot


Skyline Robotics is disrupting the century-old practice of window washing with new technology that the startup hopes will redefine a risky industry. Automation has entered the building maintenance field with AI-powered window-washing robots appearing on Manhattan's high-rise facades.

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SHoP’s Uber headquarters 'breathes' with smart accordion-style windows


Photo © Jason O'Rear Photo © Jason O'Rear The scheme’s star attraction is its active “breathing” façade composed of full-height windows. In addition to satisfying the building’s ventilation needs, the moving façade offers an ever-changing street scene throughout the day.

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Concerns after high winds cause windows to shatter on San Francisco towers


A city official in San Francisco is calling for extensive reports into the integrity of facades in the city’s downtown after a recent storm caused windows from multiple high-rises to be damaged. As a result of the glazing failures, shards of glass were scattered across Mission Street, posing a hazard to pedestrians below.

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Aaron Neubert Architects completes Los Angeles hillside residence defined by vertical ‘T’ window


On the opposite side of the house, addressing a steep slope, a vertical window spans three levels aligning perfectly with Barham Boulevard while giving the scheme its 't' moniker. Photo credit: Paul Vu / HANA Photo credit: Paul Vu / HANA Visitors approach the main entrance through terraced gardens, leading to a glass-enclosed foyer.

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Types of Residential Windows

Aric Gitomer Architect

Windows are the openings to the outer world. Encompassed within your home is the niche of comfort, warmth, and safety that get their aesthetic touch through windows. Windows act as catalysts of a functional yet visual completion of a home. Along with distributing load, windows promote natural ventilation and light.

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a whimsical window display intertwining the mundane and surreal marks Hermès zurich


the choreogrpahed window displays embody Hermès' 2023 theme, astonishment, uncovering enchantment in the mundane. The post a whimsical window display intertwining the mundane and surreal marks Hermès zurich appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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