Types of Residential Windows

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Windows are the openings to the outer world. Encompassed within your home is the niche of comfort, warmth, and safety that get their aesthetic touch through windows. Windows act as catalysts of a functional yet visual completion of a home. Casement Windows. Bay Windows.

Choosing A Window Frame

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Choosing A Window Frame. Today, energy-conscious homeowners want to minimize the cost of heating and cooling their homes, and choosing the right windows is a crucial step. But that doesn’t mean wood is always the best choice for budget-friendly windows.


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Outward Leaning Windows Emphasize The Views On This House


Architecture concrete floors house design interior design modern architecture modern house outward-leaning windows Park City utah window ideas window wallcontinue reading.

Steps for Replacing Window Glass

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If a baseball crashes through your living room, you need to get in touch with a glass and window company as soon as possible. You may be wondering what the steps are for installation when you need replacement window glass. Contact a company that offers replacement window glass. .

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, Iceland


Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows Design, Iceland Building Development Images. Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows Design. Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland. Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows – Building Information.

Descending Window: The Window That Disappears Into The Floor


At the touch of a button, the entire window front magically sinks into the ground, merging the interior with the exterior. This is the effect of the air-lux descending window, which acts not just as a glass front, but a highlight all year round that blends the indoors with the outdoors.

Presto! Windows and doors!

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right, new drawing with windows and doors. 22, after the developer, who plans to live there, submitted illustrations oddly free of windows or doors. But new plans submitted by Shed Studio of Cambridge to the HDC before the meeting now include windows and doors.



From section view, the entrance and the partitions for equipment were hidden outside of the columns, emphasizing the window as a key feature to the space. The window is all you can see when you arrive at BaiCai Design Studio, then we call it the WINDOW space. 15-2 WINDOW Gallery.

All About Window Materials

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New windows can make a dramatic difference in any home, whether you want to improve its appearance, open up a spectacular view or simply replace worn units that seem to let in more wind and rain than they keep out. Some windows also free you from periodic painting.

12 Safest and Elegant Window Grill Design Ideas 2022

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Let’s see window grill design. Doors and Windows. While doors save us from thieves, burglars, unnecessary and unwant people, windows provide us with fresh air and sunlight. Windows allows us to have a peek at the outsiders’ or neighbors’ lifestyles.

SHoP’s Uber headquarters 'breathes' with smart accordion-style windows


Photo © Jason O'Rear Photo © Jason O'Rear The scheme’s star attraction is its active “breathing” façade composed of full-height windows. New York-based SHoP has completed work on the Uber Headquarters in San Francisco.

How to Include Replacement Windows During Renovations And Remodeling

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Unfortunately, windows are often overlooked since homeowners may not always consider them during home renovations. However, updating your windows during a remodel or renovation is a great idea. Types of Replacement Windows. Double-hung windows. Arched windows.

39+ Unique window design inspirations for your modern home

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What function do you believe a window has in a home’s curb appeal? The house ‘s appeal is boosted by the design and style of the windows. There are many different window styles and patterns to pick from. Window design #1. Windmill window. Garden window.

The Window Maintenance Guide for New Homeowners

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Windows serve several priceless purposes in your home or commercial premises. Moreover, creatively designed windows go a long way in elevating the entire property’s décor and its overall value. These are just some of the many reasons to keep your windows properly maintained!

UPVC windows: Designs, advantages, price & popularity secrets

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UPVC windows such as bay windows, sliding windows, etc. have revolutionized the game of windows… The post UPVC windows: Designs, advantages, price & popularity secrets appeared first on Building And Interiors. Featured Stories Fenestration Latest Stories Architects design Doors home interior LED light room security solutions Sliding Systems table technology tr tra window design

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient

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What Makes a Window Energy Efficient? There are a few factors that will make your new home windows energy efficient and help you save money in the long run. These energy efficient features all help curate the perfect window for energy savings. Multiple Window Glass Panes.

3 Hidden Benefits of Updating Your Windows

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Adding or remodelling a kitchen, bathroom, or other living areas, painting or staining the interior or outside of your home, installing new windows, doors, or flooring, and a variety of other jobs are among the most common home improvement projects.

About Window Opening Control Devices

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The Types of Window Opening Control Devices. regulations set out for the products specify the requirements for window fall prevention devices. A lever that can be flipped in, for example, is a single-action device, and two such devices can be mounted on the same window.

Casement vs. Sliding vs. Hung Windows 101 | All You Need to Know

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But are you going to have to change the window later on for one that is more convenient? Let’s start by understanding three of the most popular window types so that you can decide which one suits your […]. When building a home from scratch, you should always think long-term.

Revit Window Sill Height Location

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When placing a window in Revit, the sill height will be shown in its properties and can be modified as required. The sill height is typically at the bottom (sill) of the actual window. Revit Tips Architect Architecture Elevation Family Revit Sill Window

Minimalist Windows: Erasing the Boundary Between Indoors and Outdoors


Pivoting window in Faruz House / Pitsou Kedem Architects. Like a beautiful painting, windows showcase interiors and frame landscapes that connect users to the outside world, directing our eyes to what really matters. Image © Amit Geron.

overlapping concrete volumes & circular windows complete modernist residence in lithuania


The post overlapping concrete volumes & circular windows complete modernist residence in lithuania appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. the sculptural structure emerges as a contemporary monolithic landmark within the historic city of kaunas.

Window House / Super Assembly + Formwerkz Architects


© Fabian Ong. architects: Formwerkz Architects architects: Super Assembly Location: Singapore Project Year: 2020 Photographs: Fabian Ong Photographs: Area: 726.0 Read more ». Residential Architecture. Houses

Six Houses With Impressive Views (and Windows)


Here is a selection of residential projects that use the latest innovations in sliding windows to form a relationship with the surrounding landscape: Read more House Winkel / Sasaki. Image © Stefan Küng.

Top Tips to Consider When Shopping for Window Treatments for Kids Room

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Did you know that wrong window treatments are partly to be blamed for children’s difficulty to catch sleep? Overall, fabric window treatments such as curtains or custom roman shades are highly advisable for kids’ rooms because they offer such a wide array of textures, colors and patterns.

Never too small, until you get an inset bedroom without a window

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Before: After: In this case, the bedroom was pulled away from the apartment’s bay window and a small mezzanine level was created. This makes a lot of sense since the bay window is kind of a main feature — one that, I think, is better reserved for a primary living space.

Replacement Windows and Doors Oshawa


When buying replacement windows and doors Oshawa, you face many challenges especially deciding on the right style of windows to use in your home. Today, the doors and windows market is flooded by many types of replacement units and this poses a challenge for new homeowners.

Sigurd Larsen creates compact timber-clad cabin with panoramic windows


Danish architect Sigurd Larsen has designed a cabin for hospitality start-up Raus featuring furniture built into "cave-like" niches and panoramic windows that frame views of nature. The cabin's height and the inclusion of large windows help to enhance the sense of spaciousness.

Vinyl vs. Wood vs. Fiberglass vs. Aluminum Windows

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Getting your house some windows but not sure which one to get? Let us help you decide among vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminum windows with our gallery of their differences and advantages and see the best fit according to your needs. Picking windows can be a real challenge.

UPVC doors and windows: Do these sliding systems really work?

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According to the latest trends, sliding doors and windows have become the top choice for… The post UPVC doors and windows: Do these sliding systems really work? appeared first on Building And Interiors.

Why no windows or doors?

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No windows!” It has the lines of a traditional house, but it has no doors or windows. There are no doors or windows! Florian’s designs had doors and windows at the earliest stages of the design review process.

8 Ways Architectural Windows Are Shaping Residential Design


Windows are an integral element of any residential design. Most notably, the large living room window frames the outdoor treeline in such a way that it almost doubles as a piece of art. The post 8 Ways Architectural Windows Are Shaping Residential Design appeared first on Journal.

5 Tips for Buying Window Blinds Online

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If you are looking to buy new window blinds for your home, instead of going to your local store, why not shop online? Get amazing tips for buying window blinds online. The last thing online shoppers will want is to spend their hard-earned money on blinds that don’t fit your windows. .


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166: “The upper framing members of the sash windows were rounded at the ends, and the broad frames of the second-story windows were gently bowed to echo in the vertical plane the bowing of the bays above.” Burnham & Root, Monadnock Block.

Rone article for Open Windows

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The post Rone article for Open Windows appeared first on nicolecullinan.com.Rone reaches into Hawthorn.

Springville Second Ward: Stained Glass Windows

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4 of the stained glass windows were moved to the Dry Creek Stake in West Springville. To be clear, this is a completely modern chapel, and I'm unsure why it was selected to get 2 of the windows. I'm unsure how many windows were in the original chapel.

rossmönster unveils pop-top truck camper with panoramic windows


The Colorado-based company has designed a truck topper with a hard shell and two large window panes at either end. The post rossmönster unveils pop-top truck camper with panoramic windows appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

Making windows bird friendly with Saflex® FlySafe™ 3D | News | Architonic


Avian hazard – and that's hazard to birds rather than some Hitchcockian hazard to you – is an increasing concern for architects and developers. You may not have thought about it much, but build a tall glass building and sooner rather than later an unwitting bird is going to fly right into it.

What does condensation on windows do to your home?


What does condensation on windows do to your home, Ottawa Home Renewal, Canada Residence Upgrade. What Does Condensation on Windows Do to Your Home? Foggy windows can be a common sight during colder months. If the water freezes, window panes can crack.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Window Type for Your Project


Windows are the elements that connect us to the outside world. Casa Aviv / CO-LAB Design Office. Image © César Béjar. It is from them that views are framed, privacy, lighting and natural ventilation are defined. Nowadays in the construction market we find different types of openings.