Types of Residential Windows

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Windows are the openings to the outer world. Encompassed within your home is the niche of comfort, warmth, and safety that get their aesthetic touch through windows. Windows act as catalysts of a functional yet visual completion of a home. Casement Windows. Bay Windows.

What Are Solar Windows?

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Solar windows, also called solar glass windows, function as windows while also generating electricity from the sun. Solar windows’ potential impact on world energy generation is enormous. What are Solar Glass Windows? Types of Solar Glass Windows.


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Why Proper Replacement Window Installation Matters

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When windows aren’t replaced or repaired properly, it can result in gaps, sagging, and an unattractive appearance. A proper window replacement is vital for beautiful, long-lasting windows that perform as intended.

A Complete Window Frame Detailing Guide! 

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Every room in your home can have the benefits of beautiful windows. Windows make the interiors of your home bright and beautiful. Moreover, windows have functionality like maintaining room temperature by preventing the exchange of heat and light. Wooden Window Frames.

Choosing A Window Frame

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Choosing A Window Frame. Today, energy-conscious homeowners want to minimize the cost of heating and cooling their homes, and choosing the right windows is a crucial step. But that doesn’t mean wood is always the best choice for budget-friendly windows.

Replacement Window FAQ: How to Prepare for Your Installation

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Now that you have finally decided on your new windows, it is time to prepare for the installation. It is also a good idea to remove any items from the window area that could potentially get damaged during the installation process. Move Items Away From Windows.

Outward Leaning Windows Emphasize The Views On This House


Architecture concrete floors house design interior design modern architecture modern house outward-leaning windows Park City utah window ideas window wallcontinue reading.

Wooden Vs Aluminum Windows | Comparison & Ideas

Architecture Lab

It’s a myth that all kinds of windows have more or less the same impact on a room. If you’ve started the search for a suitable material for your new home or a long-pending window replacement project, thousands of options might’ve already cropped up online.

Window Standards and Design Guidance

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Content courtesy of Efficient Windows Collaborative. Guidelines for Window Design Standards. In today’s world, it’s crucial to take both the building requirements and design advice into account when choosing windows for your house. Window Selection.

Sliding Window Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Windows are the doorway to sunlight and wind in your home. No house can look better without windows. Window frames are the base of having a functional as well aesthetic window appeal. The direction of the windows is important for constant ventilation and sunlight.

When Is The Best Time of Year to Have Windows Professionally Cleaned?

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Professional window cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your property. Generally speaking, window cleaning should be done professionally once or twice a year. In Which Season Should I Get My Windows Professionally Cleaned? Is Rain Season Going to Affect My Windows?

Steps for Replacing Window Glass

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If a baseball crashes through your living room, you need to get in touch with a glass and window company as soon as possible. You may be wondering what the steps are for installation when you need replacement window glass. Contact a company that offers replacement window glass. .

What Are Greenhouse Windows?- A Quick Guide For All Garden Lovers!

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A greenhouse window can serve as the individual home for your plants. Let’s explore first the definition of a greenhouse window. Afterward, we will jump into the discussion regarding the old window greenhouse. What are Greenhouse Windows? Greenhouse Made Of Old Windows.

High Performance Windows

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High Performance Windows. “High-performance windows” is a term that is used to describe a window that will give the highest and best ratings when it comes to energy efficiency. High-performance windows are almost certainly the best choice.

Presto! Windows and doors!

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right, new drawing with windows and doors. 22, after the developer, who plans to live there, submitted illustrations oddly free of windows or doors. But new plans submitted by Shed Studio of Cambridge to the HDC before the meeting now include windows and doors.



From section view, the entrance and the partitions for equipment were hidden outside of the columns, emphasizing the window as a key feature to the space. The window is all you can see when you arrive at BaiCai Design Studio, then we call it the WINDOW space. 15-2 WINDOW Gallery.

Descending Window: The Window That Disappears Into The Floor


At the touch of a button, the entire window front magically sinks into the ground, merging the interior with the exterior. This is the effect of the air-lux descending window, which acts not just as a glass front, but a highlight all year round that blends the indoors with the outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orange County Window Cleaner

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For most people, hiring professional window cleaners, like Orange County window cleaner , to clean their windows is considered a luxury and an unnecessary expense. But the truth is, window cleaning can be a huge factor in extending the lifespan of your windows in the long run. .

A Guide to Window Detailing and Installation


Windows are usually one of the most striking elements on a building and can be completely transformed depending on how they are detailed and installed.

All About Window Materials

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New windows can make a dramatic difference in any home, whether you want to improve its appearance, open up a spectacular view or simply replace worn units that seem to let in more wind and rain than they keep out. Some windows also free you from periodic painting.

Different Types of Windows and How to Use Them


An indispensable item, windows are fundamental to bringing more comfort to a room. Casagranda / Trika Arquitetura. Image: © Roberta Gewehr.

The Angled Brick Walls Of This Home Allow For A Window Seat In The Living Room


Architecture built-in bathtub home addition interior design rear addition recycled brick white kitchen window seatcontinue reading.

Custom Window Coverings That Give Your Home A Personal Touch

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There’s nothing quite like custom window coverings to give your home a personal touch. Whether you’re looking for privacy, and light control, or simply want to add a stylish finishing touch to your décor, custom window coverings are the way to go.

12 Safest and Elegant Window Grill Design Ideas 2022

Architecture Ideas

Let’s see window grill design. Doors and Windows. While doors save us from thieves, burglars, unnecessary and unwant people, windows provide us with fresh air and sunlight. Windows allows us to have a peek at the outsiders’ or neighbors’ lifestyles.

What Style of Window is Most Energy-Efficient?


Energy performance was probably not on the list of reasons why you picked those last window sets— was it? So here we are; you’ve finally caught on to the energy-saving window concept wave— welcome to the club!

Noise proofing demystified with Eternia windows and doors

Building and Interiors

The fact that India has the worst noise pollution levels in the world is not… The post Noise proofing demystified with Eternia windows and doors appeared first on Building And Interiors. Featured Stories Fenestration Latest Stories Aluminium Doors and Windows design door design for home door design with glass Door Designing Doors expo floor home interior room table travel window design

How to Choose the Right Window Blinds for Optimal Lighting

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If so, you may be considering new window treatments. Here’re tips on how to choose the right window blinds for optimal lighting. Window blinds are a great option for controlling light, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any space and décor. Residential Window Blinds

A Selection of Window Systems in Four Restaurant Projects


Windows and doors dictate the relationship between interiors and exteriors in buildings, helping to either integrate or separate them. Restaurant/Bar « le Montecito » of the Hôtel Kimpton St-Honoré by B&B Architectes - partners : Vitrocsa France Distribution. Image © François Marchal.

How to Design a Window Display?


Window displays are the means of communication with the customers, the transition layer between the street and the store. Mila Showroom / David Guerra Arquitetura e Interiores. Image © Jomar Bragança.

What Are High Performing Windows and How Do They Save Energy?

Westeck News

What Are High Performing Windows and How Do They Save Energy? An increasing number of households and custom home builders are installing energy-efficient windows as our society grows more ecologically concerned. Learn more about Westeck’s high performance Vinyl Slider Windows.

A Net-Zero Future For Windows

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A net zero future for windows – Two speakers share insights at the 2022 FGIA (Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance) conference. What will new codes and a net zero future mean for glazing and windows? Windows and Energy Use. A Window into the Future.

Replacement or New Construction Windows for Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficient windows are an important consideration for both new construction and existing homes. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. Replace Your Windows and the Selection Process.

Wooden sash windows only

Brandon Donnelly

Currently, Poundbury residents are embroiled in a debate about windows: The Duchy says that only wooden sash windows are permitted. Many residents would like to replace theirs with vinyl or fibreglass windows, which are easier to maintain and, crucially, more energy-efficient – and Poundbury is theoretically a ecologically advanced town.

How to Include Replacement Windows During Renovations And Remodeling

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Unfortunately, windows are often overlooked since homeowners may not always consider them during home renovations. However, updating your windows during a remodel or renovation is a great idea. Types of Replacement Windows. Double-hung windows. Arched windows.

About Window Opening Control Devices

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The Types of Window Opening Control Devices. regulations set out for the products specify the requirements for window fall prevention devices. A lever that can be flipped in, for example, is a single-action device, and two such devices can be mounted on the same window.

Revit Window Sill Height Location

Applying Technology to Architecture

When placing a window in Revit, the sill height will be shown in its properties and can be modified as required. The sill height is typically at the bottom (sill) of the actual window. Revit Tips Architect Architecture Elevation Family Revit Sill Window

Craftsman-Style Window Trim and Craftsman-Style Door Trim Ideas


Over the past few years, people have replaced builder-grade window trim and woodwork with custom, Craftsman-style trim. The good thing is even if you don’t live in a Craftsman-style home, you can add Craftsman-style window trim and door trim to your home!