INDEXLAB + GIMAC 3D print custom bike frame using robotic manufacturing


The post INDEXLAB + GIMAC 3D print custom bike frame using robotic manufacturing appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. merging rapid prototyping with data-driven processes, the project opens a path to sustainable and affordable mass-customization of bicycles.

bamboo sunscreens & earth brick facades articulate sustainable manufacturing hub in ghana


combining formal minimalism with ergonomic details, the architecture draws attention to the land's vibrant manufacturing processes and rich biodiversity.


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Lemay built waterproofing manufacturing plant setting new standards in green industrial building

World Architecture Community

Montreal-based architecture practice Lemay has built a new product manufacturing plant in Woodstock, Ontario, which has opened a new chapter #architecture #design #arch.

Subtractive Manufacturing: The Quiet Machine Revolution that is Reshaping Architecture


In terms of building envelopes, structures, and systems, there are two primary manufacturing methods used. Additive manufacturing processes add material layer-by-layer, while subtractive manufacturing removes material to create building components or parts.

green furniture concept sustainably manufactures biophilic designs


The post green furniture concept sustainably manufactures biophilic designs appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. biophilic designs include the meandering seamless table, textured modular benches, and the leaf lamp arranged like the shapes of leaves on a tree.

Krinkelschool by Durbanis | Manufacturer references


The objective of the Krinkelschool project in the Belgian town of Ruisbroek, has been to create spaces where children feel comfortable and connected with both indoor and outdoor spaces. In this way, interaction between students is encouraged and collective values are reinforced.



JGMA’s design strategy for the Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Center utilizes building transparency to showcase machines, equipment, and products integral to the learning objectives of the colleges as well as provide a visual connection to the surrounding West Lawn community.

Binckeiland by FURNS | Manufacturer references


For De Enk Groen & Golf & Binder Groenprojecten, we were able to provide several elements for the design of Binckeiland. As an eye-catcher, there is a raised platform which also serves as a seating element. The bench has a circumference of 125 linear meters.

Haarlerbergpark by FURNS | Manufacturer references


The employees of ING Amsterdam at the Haarlerbergpark can again enjoy a beautiful outdoor space. In the design of Donker Group, the high sustainability requirements of this leading company were taken into account.

Luisenblock West by Glas Marte | Manufacturer references


Primus developments Kaufmann Bausysteme Sauerbruch Hutton

Humboldtforum by FERMOB | Manufacturer references


Détail de l’équipement FERMOB du Humboldtforum : Chaises, bridges, fauteuils bas Luxembourg acier adaptés en Affaires spéciales avec fixation par cable et couleur spéciale reproduite selon les références du client.

Australia’s best prefabricated home manufacturers

Habitus Living

Prefabricated is a broad term for the method used to manufacture and construct homes off-site and then shipping and assembling them later. Modular homes are manufactured and constructed off site and will arrive on the property fully assembled.

Watermark by BoConcept | Manufacturer references


Project description: BoConcept has teamed up with Countryside Properties to deliver bespoke interior design and furnishing solutions to purchasers at Watermark, Maidenhead. Including a show apartment!

FC Campus by Feco | Manufacturer references


The Karlsruhe-based system partition wall manufacturer, which has its headquarters next to the Campus, has with the fecoplan all-glass construction created an agile working environment.

SAB by PALMBERG | Manufacturer references


The building, designed by the London architectural firm acme, is divided into two areas, the bank and the public forum.

AXA by PALMBERG | Manufacturer references


With 700 employees, the AXA insurance group has been anchored in Hamburg-Hammerbrook since October 2017. In cooperation with PALMBERG, rooms were created on an area of around 10,000 square metres that are intended to be groundbreaking for AXA's working world of the future.

HoGent by PALMBERG | Manufacturer references


The new Faculty of Social Sciences at Ghent University is an open space, not only for the campus, but also for the public and the residents of Ghent. Striking horizontal slats enclose the transparent building and reveal the entrance in gentle arches on the north-west side.

RKM740 by Solarlux | Manufacturer references


The dynamic shape of the Zipper/RKM740 tower by the Rhine in Düsseldorf, designed by J. MAYER H. und Partner Architekten, provides exceptional views of the surrounding area through its large glass front.

Sky Lagoon by Pfleiderer | Manufacturer references


Geschwender Innenausbau GmbH WHEN SEA AND SKY UNITE. On the outskirts of Kópavogur, in the middle of the metropolitan region of Reykjavik, Sky Lagoon - a thermal and wellness oasis built from scratch with an infinity pool where ""sea and sky unite"" - is located.

Henning Larsen Designs Experience Centre in Gothenburg for Car Manufacturer Volvo


Henning Larsen revealed the design for World of Volvo , an experience centre for the Swedish car manufacturer that highlights the Scandinavian landscape and architectural traditions. © Kvant1.

Kirschner Wohnbau by Occhio | Manufacturer references


Kirschner Wohnbau With the addition of the “Quadriga”, a multi-section building complex whose radiant silhouette rises above the historic brick façades of the former rail freight yard in the northern section of Freiburg, the aspiring quarter situated among avenues and promenades has been given a new face.

Expanding business plans Glasgow manufacturing base

Urban Realm

Mosaic Architecture + Design has prepared plans for a new production plant for spray painting, engraving and vibration testing on vacant ground off Acre Road within the West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow.

Bürgenstock Resort by air-lux | Manufacturer references


Private luxury villas with unobstructed view The villas in the Bürgenstock Resort are situated in a unique building and panoramic location in the heart of Switzerland 500 m above Lake Lucerne.?

Nationwide construction starts in February carried by three large manufacturing facilities


Nonresidential building starts carried the activity, jumping 32% due to the start of three large manufacturing facilities. Without the three manufacturing projects, total construction would have declined 6% last month.

The Cube by Saflex | Manufacturer references


Combining Saflex Solar and robust solar control coatings. Outside of the box Cube berlin solves solar concerns in unique design with double-skin facade. "Thinking

H34 by ALUMIL | Manufacturer references


The building dominates over the southern suburbs of Attica in Voula, on a privileged plot of 800 square meters, just 80 meters from the coastline.

Casa R+F by ECLISSE | Manufacturer references


Casa R+F is a typical 1970s villa in northern Italy, set in 2,000 square metres of land on the outskirts of Milan, with a swimming pool, guest house, gym and garage.

Casa Mirador by Ceramica Mayor | Manufacturer references


Buhoblanco Arquitectos The project by Búhoblanco Arquitectos is located in a residential neighbourhood where the architecture is traditional. Two superimposed volumes dynamise the façade of the Casa Mirador, with the upper volume attracting the eye.

Private Villa by VIMAR | Manufacturer references


Arké Metal: contemporary soul for an old farmhouse In the countryside of Reggio Emilia, an old farmhouse has been transformed into an elegant residence that maintains its identity, offering cutting-edge design elements and technologies.

Plumeria House by Staron® | Manufacturer references


Fluidity and flexibility to the utmost, the majestic Plumeria House showcases a stable and seamless connection of the indoors with the outdoors.

TrueLime by UNILIN Division Panels | Manufacturer references


DIGITAL AGENCY TRUELIME BRINGS FUN AND FUNCTIONALITY TO ITS NEW OFFICE Stylish, dynamic and welcoming: Art2Go’s interior design specialists masterfully matched TrueLime’s new office with the digital agency's DNA.

Lululemon - Columbus Circle by Shakuff | Manufacturer references


After our work with Lululemon in Chicago, the team at Columbus Circle came to us with a request that focused on the clients’ experience indoors over outdoors. This blown glass installation draws the eye vertically and lures shoppers upstairs to the men’s section.

Tessler Residence by Shakuff | Manufacturer references


This fixture brings beautiful color and texture to the space, illuminating the path down the gorgeous imperial staircase.

The Hamptons House by Shakuff | Manufacturer references


This Hampton House provided the perfect opportunity for playful design. In order to accommodate the drastic height difference over the kitchen island, we created a custom fixture using both a canopy and monopoint grippers.

Buzz for Brands: 3 New Categories Announced for the 2022 A+Product Awards


In today’s market, there is an abundant selection of materials and design technologies to choose from, and because of that, it has become increasingly challenging for manufacturers to get their products noticed by designers. For Manufacturers Awards

Cruquius 1.3 by FURNS | Manufacturer references


Recently there has been another delivery at the impressive Cruquius Project in Amsterdam. The residents of Cruquius will soon be able to enjoy this beautiful courtyard garden. Buro Lubbers created the design for the communal courtyard garden, where greenery and accessibility are well matched.

Laan van Spartaan by FURNS | Manufacturer references


The Laan van Spartaan, a unique project for City of Amsterdam. The beautiful design by Rob van Dijk provided a comprehensive project for us and the executing party Van der Tol B.V. Gardeners and City Landscaping. The entire project was completely developed in both 3D and 2D.

AFAS Experience Center by FURNS | Manufacturer references


We are proud of our contribution to the AFAS Experience Center. A project we became involved in in 2018 and worked on with full passion. With a roof garden of no less than 10,000 square meters, this is our largest roof garden project ever. The project was ideal for showing our strengths.

Jewish Museum by Feco | Manufacturer references


feco Systeme GmbH Staab Architekten Berlin The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main has been redesigned by Staab Architekten from Berlin and reopened on 21.10.2020. The entrance situation is redefined with an extension to the Palais Rothschild.

VENTSPILS CONCERT HALL by rohi | Manufacturer references


Customized fabrics: starting from our classic CREDO, we designed this special multi-coloured pattern for the audience seating, curtains and upholstery throughout the building. Complex weaving: elaborated, complex repeat in two different colour schemes and multicoloured warping.