Inspiration #67: Outdoor Shower pt 2

L² Design

Last week we looked at modern outdoor showers to give a refreshing take on this humid summer. This week we’re following up with some outdoor showers that are even better – they’re by the beach! Let’s jump right in.

047: Apps for Architects

Life of an Architect

Architects are using technology more and more and with each passing day, more of this technology is available from the comforts of your cellphone or smart tablet. This list has been curated and categorized to provide the best mobile apps for architects.


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Making of House 59

Ronen Bekerman

Blender is picking up in ArchViz, and I’m looking into it at The Craft as well. Today I’m very happy to share the Making of House 59 by 77 Studio. They took it upon themselves to create this all with Blender & Cycles.

Yamazaki Home Tosca Wire Basket - Steel + Wood


?With a strong white steel frame and smooth wooden handles, this is a laundry bin that doesn't need to be kept out of sight. Holds plenty of clothes and is easy to carry from room to room. Light and sturdy

Home 75

Restructure Your Methods: How Sustainable Architecture Benefits from Client Collaboration

Speaker: Pedro Clarke – Principal Architect at A+ Architecture, In Loco Program Director

In this webinar, we will hear from Pedro Clarke, a principal architect and thought leader in sustainable architecture. He will discuss designing and building more sustainable buildings, and how to engage clients in learning sustainable processes.

Giant order office block to stand as a 'stepping stone' to the Clyde

Urban Realm

Mosaic Architecture & Design have produced an application for planning in principle to erect the second phase of planned office development at Carrick Street in Glasgow's Broomielaw office district.

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

architect design™

I wanted to drop by to wish you all a Merry Christmas, from my home to yours. Simpler garland on the mantel this year but the stockings look at home on the new mantel. I wanted to share these LED lights with you as well that I got from Target last year.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A FANTASTIC 2021 from Architect and Friends!

Architect on Tour

After a year that nobody would have expected, we are still positive about 2020!

The State of Transit in the Region: From Bad to Worse?

Community Architect Daily

This year has been extremely rough for transit and has heightened the need to think about the future of transit. In Baltimore, transit and transportation, once a geeky topic, have become the focus of public interest.

Organic Architecture: Inside Bruce Goff’s Collins House

Architectural Observer

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is fortunate to have eight houses by Bruce Goff in its vicinity; the Collins house is among them. Commissioned by Russell Collins and built in 1959, the house survives today in remarkably near-original condition.

We have new art on our walls

HMH Architecture + Interiors

Artist: Blaise Simonelli Website: blaisesimonelli.com Insta: @blaise_simonelli_art Our office has been decked out for the cold winter months by the lovely and talented Blaise Simonelli. Rich colors and texture bring life to these vibrant, abstract paintings.

Inspiration #66: Outdoor Shower pt 1

L² Design

Maybe it’s because I spent all last week sweating it out in our near-100% humidity building the new south fence at #L2HQ, but I’ve been dreaming of an outdoor shower lately.

Do Architects Still Need to Draw?

Life of an Architect

Do architects still need to draw? This is a controversial topic to be certain, but is it something that should be considered when planning for the future of the profession and the education of future architects? I am not certain of my stance on the issue, but I do believe it needs open discussion.

Dennis Kowal, only architect to receive TESLA Innovation Award 2020

Dennis Kowal Architects

Dennis Kowal Architects are awarded first-ever Tesla Innovation Award. This building was ahead of its time” said competition judge Howard Lewis noting “…the completed office and educational spaces proactively addressed the problems with indoor environments that everyone is now trying to correct.”.

The ArchViz BlackFriday to Cyber Monday 2020

Ronen Bekerman

The annual BIG ArchViz BlackFriday to CyberMonday promotion is underway with 35 Partners offering software, plugins, 3d models, textures, materials, rendering power, and more.

Outdoor Living Spaces : Slim House Case Study

Matt Fajkus Architecture

With thoughtful design, yards, porches, and patios can expand a home’s living space and offer enjoyable spaces to spend time with friends and family year round.

Residential Cabinetry

Applying Technology to Architecture

The casework/cabinetry provided with Revit is very generic and often not desirable for residential design projects. This includes design for single family homes and multi-family projects.

The most beautiful mantel in the world

architect design™

As so often happens with blogging, time gets away from you. As time builds you think the next post has to be really spectacular to explain the absence. Well 6 months have passed but in Covid time that doesn't count as much, right?

Land for us all! Really?

Architect on Tour

In view of the fact that Austria is one of the largest “wasters” of land in the world, the question arises whether a trend reversal is still possible due to years of exploitation.

A Miracle on Lexington Street?

Community Architect Daily

Just when the handwringing over failing urban retail and deserted office towers and what it all could mean for the future of cities becomes ever more desperate, news reach us that the most dormant urban block in all of downtown Baltimore could have finally found a prince that kisses it back to life.

2020 Wolf Xmas houses

Wolf Architects

Christmas Wolf Houses make their way each year to homes around the globe as a tradition of ours. It is a tactile reminder of our connection to the wider world and the gratitude for our friends and family. Vancouver, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand are some of homes these will end up in.

Home 52

A Case for the Sole Practitioner Architect Business Model


There has never been a better time for architects to practice independently. Computers, the Internet, and cell phones all foster an easier way of practicing remotely.

Firms 52

A couple memory numbers that ARE material likes to reference re: material testing. Visualize it, rhyme it, memorize it. Whatever works for your study process is the important piece. #AREsketches

L² Design

Want to see these in a weekly roundup, including the top 3 all performing? Sign up here! via Instagram [link]. The post A couple memory numbers that ARE material likes to reference re: material testing. Visualize it, rhyme it, memorize it. Whatever works for your study process is the important piece. AREsketches appeared first on L² Design, LLC. AREsketches

Design 100

How to Detail a Snowman

Life of an Architect

It's hard to believe that the Christmas Holidays are upon us and I haven't shared with you my profound "How to Detail a Snowman" knowledge. mostly because I don't have any since I live in Texas.

Reinventing the Public Library

Dennis Kowal Architects

Public Libraries after COVID will contain more programming spaces, smaller tables without permanent power so they can be moved, and specialty rooms for podcasting, 3D printing and teleconferencing. At Dennis Kowal Architects, our library designs already include these innovations.

Making of Quinta da Comporta

Ronen Bekerman

I’m always fascinated with recreations of built projects, but even more so with proper integration of 2d people cut-outs into renders. I’m not good at it as I want to be and I’m sure many of you seek more information about how to do this better.

Beautiful Life Auction

HMH Architecture + Interiors


23 Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Basel If You Love Architecture

Virginia Duran

There have long been grounds upon which to find Switzerland attractive – mountains and chocolate yes, buildings and culture double yes. But now it emerges that its notoriously famous architecture – think of Zürich, Basel and Geneva – might be reason enough to visit the great Helvetia.

Mirka Mora – Order of the day

Nicole Cullinan

A few years back I worked at Heide Museum of Modern Art. Each morning I would visit Mirka’s painted glass mural in the sunroom at the Heide farmhouse gallery, the light was diaphanous; gone once the sun reached the top of the world.

Art 52


Architect on Tour

Following the great success of AIA Austin Homes Tour and Palm Springs Modernism Week Fall Preview here is another great virtual event that will offer online lectures and tours starting November 6th, 2020. TUCSON MODERNISM WEEK 2020.

Grow the City!

Community Architect Daily

People have been city attraction #1 (Danish architect Jan Gehl) With Brandon Scott now elected Mayor and his first term imminent, good advice is pouring in from all sides.

Imagine and Transform

Wolf Architects

Imagine coming home and driving into this sanctuary. It represents the WOLF standard of luxury, flexibility, comfort and functionality, all rolled into this one space. This garage has lift access to the house, it holds areas encased by soft curtains that allow the room to enlarge or shrink with need.

Live/Work Spaces

Matt Fajkus Architecture

The global pandemic has given new meaning to the term live-work space for many of us. Now more than ever our domestic lives are intertwined with our work lives in both physical space and time.

Space 52

Fire safety is one of the most important outcomes in material and assembly testing. But how does it work? #AREsketches

L² Design

Want to see these in a weekly roundup, including the top 3 all performing? Sign up here! via Instagram [link]. The post Fire safety is one of the most important outcomes in material and assembly testing. But how does it work? AREsketches appeared first on L² Design, LLC. AREsketches

Safety 100