The Top 10 Architecture Firms in Austria


The post The Top 10 Architecture Firms in Austria appeared first on Åvontuura. Austria's contributions to building are generally regarded through its many baroque palaces and rococo churches that line its city's streets and rural landscapes.

25 Best Architecture Firms in India


India is a massive country with a long, complex history and its architectural heritage reflects this varied past. With decolonization and independence in the mid-20th century, the country’s architects and politicians embraced modernist architecture as a symbolic move away from the past.


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22 Best Architecture Firms in Chicago


Chicago is near the top of many enthusiasts’ lists or architectural pilgrimages. Fast forward to today, and Chicago remains an influential producer in the architectural world. This urban-oriented approach is apparent in many leading firms found in the following list.

How To Create A Target List Of Architecture Firms

Architecture Lab

There are thousands of architecture firms in the market, and you cannot be applying to them all! Architecture Create A Target List Of Architecture FirmsYou will have a few favorite ones that you would like to apply to, but it is always best to widen the list.

33 Top Architecture Firms In The World In 2022


Architects around the world want to be known as the best architecture firm; others want to work in this top companies. In appreciation of the great work architects do, we decided to rank the top architecture firms around the world.

25 Best Architecture Firms in China


From the CCTV Headquarters by OMA in Beijing to myriad projects by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) across the country, China’s recent urban boom has made the country a magnetic scene for international architectural practices. How are these architecture firms ranked?

Top 300 U.S. Architecture Firms of 2022

Architectural Record

Gensler, Perkins&Will, and HDR continue a three-year streak atop Architectural Record’s annual ranking of the top 300 American architecture firms by revenue

Every Architecture Firm is Hiring

Life of an Architect

Every architecture firm is hiring right now. The post Every Architecture Firm is Hiring first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading Every Architecture Firm is Hiring at Life of an Architect.

21 Best Architecture Firms in London


Nowawada, Georgian, Regency and Victorian architecture are intermingled with hulking Brutalist structures and curving glass façades. Nowadays, the city remains home to preeminent architectural schools such as UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture. Arup Architecture. ©

Which Architectural Firms Support Unions


Architecture is not left out of this discussion and recently SHoP employees indicated their desire to join and be represented by a union ( read more about that here ). Unions are getting to be a hot topic these days with many workers attempting to unionize in various industries.

9 San Francisco-based architecture firms hiring now


As recent graduates and emerging designers continue to navigate professional practice, the Archinect Job Board is the industry's go-to source for employment opportunities with small, medium, and large firms.

Roundtable: How to Run a Successful Architecture Firm?


Roundtable discussion along with Safdie Architects, Zweig Group, and WallaceLiu moderated by Sara Kolata, on How to run a successful architecture firm. What is success in Architecture and how do you define it? © Maeve FitzHoward.

19 Best Architecture Firms in the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is a treasure trove of architectural gems, with diverse buildings across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The four countries that make up the larger sovereign state each have their own unique history, which plays out in an architecturally unique way.

9 more great job opportunities at Chicago-based architecture firms


Continuing with our Chicago -based job highlights we focus on mid and senior-level positions, opportunities in BIM, and architectural visualization. Each week our team highlights employment opportunities in cities and regions around the globe.

Job opportunities for recent graduates at 7 West Coast-based architecture firms


As graduates across the country celebrate the completion of their architectural education the hunt for a job begins. As a leader in all things architectural employment and professional practice, Archinect continues to be the go-to source for employment seekers and hiring firms.

Students from NOMA's 2022 Foundation Fellowship cohort gain mentorship and work experience from 18 architecture firms


The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) celebrates its fourth class of architecture students chosen as this year's 2022 NOMA Foundation Fellowship (NFF) cohort. This year 20 architecture students were selected to be a part of the 2022 summer cohort.

Continuing Education: Architecture Firms, Clients, and Climate

Architectural Record

How to talk to clients about ambitious environmental targets and get their buy-in

Why Landscape Architecture Firms Are Dumping 2D CAD


The noticeable shift from 2D CAD in landscape architecture is in part due to external pressures, such as the UK’s requirement for BIM level 2 framework on government-procured projects. Nottingham City Hub. Image Courtesy of Ares Landscape Architects Ltd.

4 Best Architecture Firms in Dubai


Since it topped out at 2,717 feet (828 meters) and 160 floors in 2010, the building has announced the city’s global importance and architectural daring. The bar has already been set, and architectural offices in Dubai continue to rise to the occasion.

Gensler, Perkins & Will, and HDR Ranked as Top U.S. Architecture Firms in 2022.


Architectural Record has unveiled its list of Top 300 U.S. Architecture Firms of 2022, ranked by revenue for architectural services performed in 2021. JW Marriott Hotel / Gensler. Image Courtesy of Gensler.

Archinect's Must-Follow Architecture Firms on Instagram for 2022


It's 2022, and the state of architecture viewership continues to rely on visual images that capture and inspire. As a result, architecture and its relationship with social media have been an ongoing topic of discussion on Archinect. Office CA for visually soothing architecture projects.

How to Best Manage Your Architecture Firm’s Finances?


Well managed firm finances can be a raise to glory but if you fail at keeping them under control they quickly turn into a silent assassin. © Laurian Ghinitoiu.

12 featured architecture firms currently hiring Job Captains


As another year comes to a close and the industry eagerly awaits what 2022 has to offer, firms are seeking to hire entry-level, mid-career, and senior-level architects and designers to kickstart the new year. As with all positions in architecture, Job Captains come in many forms.

Disruptor design-build architecture firm raises almost $600K in crowdfunding


The company, which describes itself as “the homeowner’s architect,” focuses on integrating virtual reality, real-time client feedback, and a streamlined administrative process for clients, all with the aim of becoming “the first household name for residential architecture.”

Your Architecture Firm is Leaking Money: How to Identify Losses and Plug the Holes


Architizer is thrilled to announce the next webinar in our live series about how to run a successful architecture business — and you’re invited! Most firms look at profitability as a bottom-line metric. They use this as a gauge to determine if the firm is financially healthy.

9 Chicago-based architecture firms currently hiring on Archinect Jobs


As the architecture industry's leading job board , Archinect Jobs features employment opportunities for architects and design professionals at any stage of their careers. Image courtesy of Canopy/Architecture + Design. Canopy / Architecture + Design seeks a Project Manager.

10 featured spring & summer internships at NYC architecture firms


It's a good time to get applications out now if you are considering an architectural internship in New York City as firms have been posting plenty of new listings on Archinect Jobs recently. ODA-Architecture seeks a Design Summer Intern "ODA-Architecture, P.C.

Op-ed: How can architecture firms adjust to the future of hybrid work?

The Architect's Newsletter

From reimagining city spaces to designing sustainable buildings, architecture firms and designers are tackling complex projects while navigating the remote workplace. The post Op-ed: How can architecture firms adjust to the future of hybrid work?

13 jobs at architecture firms involving business development strategies and communications


Besides having the design and technical knowledge of running an architecture firm, it's essential to have team members who understand business development, partnership strategies, and pr/marketing.

Webinar: 10 KPIs Your Architecture Firm Needs to Track for Maximum Project Profitability


Projects are the core of your architecture firm. Not only do they generate profits, but they are also at the center of your firm’s business operations. Because each architecture firm has different goals and ways of working, your vital KPIs will vary from project to project.

Three Steps for Marketing Your Architecture Firm


At Archmark Architect Branding & Marketing, we’ve seen architecture firms struggle to implement effective marketing strategies that help them get in front of better prospects so they can win better projects. Increase your firm’s visibility (online).

Gensler continues it's top-ranking of America's top-grossing architecture firms for the 11th year in a row


For the eleventh year in a row, Gensler has topped Architectural Record’s Top 300 U.S. Architecture Firms list. billion in architectural revenue, which is more than double that of any other firm and an increase from the $1.32

Large U.S. architecture firm, EYP, files for bankruptcy, may sell to subsidiary of Bitcoin miner


based firm EYP Architecture + Engineering has filed for bankruptcy due to pressure from debt obligations. The firm, based in Albany, New York, has 11 offices across the United States and employs 470 staff. The firm has filed for Chapter 11 protection in the U.S.

Eight Philadelphia-based architecture firms that are currently hiring on Archinect Jobs


Searching for a new architecture job in Philly? Continuing with our regional-specific curated job focus this week, we're focusing on eight Philadelphia -based architecture firms looking to hire mid-level project managers, project architects, and designers.

How To Be In An Office: Working In An Architecture Firm

Young Architect

How To Be In An Office: Working In An Architecture Firm. Ever Wondered About Working In An Architecture Firm? Listen to hear them give insight on finding the right job fit for you, creating a healthy Firm Culture and even hiring for your own Architecture firm !

Starting an Architecture Firm in the USA with Architect Abdallah El Cherbini

Young Architect

Starting an Architecture Firm in the USA with Architect Abdallah El Cherbini. Ever wondered about becoming a Licensed Architect with NCARB’s Foreign Architect Path or starting an architecture firm after licensure? . How to successfully manage your own firm.

A Guide to Employee-Owned Architecture Firms, by Those Who Have Made the Change


Throughout 2020 and 2021, the world of work has been subject to a relentless evaluation , triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

the growing list of architecture firms who have pledged to stop work in russia


The post the growing list of architecture firms who have pledged to stop work in russia appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

Starting an Architecture Firm After Working Internationally with Architect Abdallah El Cherbini

Young Architect

Ever wondered about becoming a Licensed Architect with NCARB’s Foreign Architect Path or starting an architecture firm in New York City? How to successfully manage your own firm.

How a Los Angeles Landscape Architecture Firm Is Reclaiming a Hillside for Native Plants


In an ongoing project called Test Plot, landscape architecture firm Terremoto is working with the community to rehabilitate patches of a landscape whose ecosystem is being choked by invasive species.