How are New Construction Materials Prioritizing Human Safety and Wellbeing?


One Green Mile / MVRDV. Image © Suleiman Merchant. It is expected that by 2050, the rapid depletion of raw materials will leave the world without enough sand and steel to build concrete. On the other hand, the cost of building continues to soar, with an increase between 5% and 11% from last year.

Safety Measures to Follow While Cleaning Gutters in Home

The Architecture Designs

Gutter Cleaning Safety Measures. Cleaning your home’s gutters is a simple task, but many safety precautions should be taken into account before doing so. Cleaning your gutters plays a vital role in your home’s quality and safety.


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Environmental Health & Safety Facility, California


Environmental Health & Safety Facility, University of California Campus Building, CA Teaching Facility, US Photos. Environmental Health & Safety Facility in Santa Cruz. Environmental Health & Safety Facility, CA.

Ultimate Guide to Home Electrical Safety

Modern Architecture Concept

Make sure you stay safe at home with these simple electrical safety tips! Over time we’ve added safety features to appliances and outlets and adopted electrical wiring standards that keep us safe. The Real Deal on Electrical Safety in Your Home. Electrical Safety Tips.

Pool Safety Tips for Our Loveable Pets

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If the answer to both of these is yes, then pool safety is an issue you must be aware of. When you have a pool at home, you need to take safety measures so your lovable pets don’t face any risks. It is your duty to keep them safe, and you need to be concerned about pet safety.

Best 5 Gas Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know

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Since most households have some sort of gas appliance in their kitchen or garage, it’s important to raise awareness about the potential threats that can pose to our gas safety tips. Always go for a company that goes above and beyond for your safety and satisfaction.

Metal Façades: How to Unite Aesthetics, Performance and Safety?


Brunner Innovation Factory / HENN. Image © HGEsch. Metal façades give buildings an air of sophistication and modernity. They also bring a cleanness to the façade, due to their precise fabrication and well-resolved connections between other materials and building elements.

DRASS’s utilitarian D-ONE diving helmet is designed for better comfort and safety


The post DRASS’s utilitarian D-ONE diving helmet is designed for better comfort and safety appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

overade’s smart helmet light detects braking intention to ensure bike safety


The post overade’s smart helmet light detects braking intention to ensure bike safety appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. the strong, curved light fits any helmet and includes built-in reflectors.

Architecture education has "shifted away" from fire safety, experts say on Grenfell anniversary


On the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster , fire safety specialists have attacked UK architecture schools for failing to adequately teach students about the subject. You get half a day on fire safety".

The Asphalt Art Initiative expands to more cities as new statistics point to improved pedestrian safety


Bloomberg Philanthropies has announced a European expansion of its Asphalt Art Initiative on the heels of a new study from the organization and Sam Schwartz Consulting that revealed some eye-opening statistics about the improvement of blacktop spaces in urban areas.

yerka V3 is a theft-proof bicycle that promises safety and glows in the dark


The post yerka V3 is a theft-proof bicycle that promises safety and glows in the dark appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. the world’s first theft-proof bicycle according to yerka bikes, a bike gets stolen in europe every four seconds.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams signs executive order strengthening fire safety enforcement in response to deadly January Bronx fire


Mayor Eric Adams said the city will crack down on buildings with a high number of fire safety violations, two months after a blaze killed 17 tenants of a Bronx high-rise with a history of complaints.

Fire safety is one of the most important outcomes in material and assembly testing. But how does it work? #AREsketches

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The post Fire safety is one of the most important outcomes in material and assembly testing. Want to see these in a weekly roundup, including the top 3 all performing? Sign up here! via Instagram [link]. But how does it work? AREsketches appeared first on L² Design, LLC. AREsketches

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Are Polyester Rugs Toxic? Must-Read for Your Baby’s Safety!

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Must-Read for Your Baby’s Safety! Polyester rugs are vastly popular as area rugs, unlike other materials. These rugs look very colorful and eye-catching; therefore, people love to use them to uplift the house’s look.

Why traffic fatalities are lower in Canada than in the US

Brandon Donnelly

mobility urbanism chicago david zipper los angeles malcolm gladwell montreal new york city paris public transit road safety toronto traffic fatalities urban vancouverWe’ve talked about this before.

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Placemaking Pitfall

Landscape Architecture Magazine

City transportation officials have said these street murals, often funded through Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative, improve pedestrian safety by slowing traffic and benefit communities by promoting public art. BY TIMOTHY A. SCHULER.

Health and Safety in the Workplace: Top Tips for a Safe Office Environment from Furniture At Work®

Modern Architecture Concept

Health and safety is a primary consideration when designing any office space, whether it’s a simple home office or a workplace with multiple employees interacting on a daily basis.

Speculative accessories designed to help women protect themselves from harassment


Although unrelated, the cases spawned widespread discussions around women's safety, alongside statistics showing that incidents of drink spiking and domestic abuse are currently on the rise in the UK.

Texas senator proposes design measures to "harden schools" in wake of Uvalde shooting


School district had an extensive safety plan. After the Uvadle shooting, NBC News reported that the school district did have an extensive safety plan with $435,000 allotted annually for security. A false sense of safety". all Architecture News USA Schools Safety Politics news

Commenter says school shootings "are not a design problem"


all Comments USA Schools Safety PoliticsIn this week's comments update , readers are debating US senator Ted Cruz's suggestion that redesigning schools could prevent mass shootings, and discussing other top stories.

About Window Opening Control Devices

Westeck News

Latest window safetyThe Types of Window Opening Control Devices.

New Roofing Products for Winter 2022

Architectural Record

These systems and materials were designed to enhance building efficiency, safety, and value

Best Building Systems & Flooring of 2021

Architectural Record

Architectural Record presents the top HVAC, safety solutions, and flooring of the year

Lessons from Brad Pitt’s Failed Architectural Experiment in New Orleans

Architectural Record

Despite drawing world-famous architects, Pitt’s Make it Right housing initiative has been plagued by shoddy construction and safety hazards

What is an ADU? Another Trend or the Future of Housing?


Image Courtesy of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and WELCOME PROJECTS. The Breadbox ADU. In a time where housing prices are unattainable and residents are looking to downsize their homes more than ever, enter the concept of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

Hybrid Home: Humana Reimagines the Workplace for a Post-Pandemic Era


Reimagining their workplaces in a holistic way, designers at Louisville-based Humana are working on new workplace models that ensure employee safety and well-being while creating greater flexibility and diverse ways to collaborate. Courtesy of Humana.

Currents: The Gun Violence Memorial Project at Washington's National Building Museum

Architectural Record

Envisioned by MASS Design Group with artist Hank Willis Thomas, Purpose Over Pain, and Everytown for Gun Safety, the Gun Violence Memorial project speaks to a crisis with a tragically growing collection of objects donated to commemorate lives lost

hospitality + creativity come together within vibrant smart POSThome interior in milan


in POSThome, safety, comfort, and technology meet in order to respond to the needs for the ‘new normality’. The post hospitality + creativity come together within vibrant smart POSThome interior in milan appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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Wenk Associates: Working with Water


Better managing stormwater is key to managing water resources and protecting our safety and the health of our environment. Burgess Creek Promenade, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Image Courtesy of Wenk Associates. The need to rapidly adapt to climate change has rightfully taken center stage.

How To Pick The Best Gear For Tree Climbing In Your Yard


But whether you are tree climbing for recreational purposes or tree maintenance, safety should be a priority. Tree climbing can be an exciting activity to participate in. And one of the ways to ensure this is by picking the best gear.Generally, the best tree climbing.

Learning Circles: 7 Educational Projects with Elliptical Plans


Merging children’s safety and learning optimization requirements with an aesthetic appeal and solid concept can birth some of the most beautiful unique projects around. © Vinay Panjwani. Creating an educational setting is a specific and sensitive task.

Sturdy and secure hardware for healthcare applications

The Architect's Newsletter

Especially crafted for healthcare environments, they ensure safety, privacy, and cleanliness. [.]. Access is of utmost concern for hospital staff, and these handles, locks, and hinges are ready for any scenario.

Best Multi-Position Ladder (All Professional Grade Types!)


While ladders help us reach high points that we would not in a normal situation, safety and functionality should. There are three types of multi-position ladders. To get the best multi-position ladder, you need to know which one to choose from among the three options.

These acoustic and textile products soften the look and sound of education spaces

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Making schools hospitable for returning faculty, staff, and students is not only a question of safety and cleanliness. Learning environments—so austere in the U.S.—also also need to mitigate noise and soften [.]. Read More.

Miller Hull's redwood laboratory for UC Santa Cruz aims to be light on the land


Developed to offset the anticipated growth of UCSC’s research and instruction, the new Environmental Health & Safety Facility includes space for laboratories, waste management, storage, and administrative offices in addition to providing room for life, health, and safety resources.

Nearly 1 in 4 workplace deaths in New York occur in construction


Previously on Archinect: NYC Department of Buildings' 'zero tolerance' safety sweeps have resulted in 1,499 stop-work orders Latino construction workers are disproportionately impacted, accounting for 18% of fatalities, yet only 10% of the population.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams appoints Eric Ulrich as Commissioner of the Department of Buildings


Former New York City Council member Eric Ulrich has been appointed as Commissioner of the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) by Mayor Eric Adams.

13 Best Portable Bathroom Heaters | Reviews + Guide

Architecture Lab

While buying one, many factors have to be considered- cost, safety mechanisms, amount of heat […]. With winter around the corner, are you looking for a heater that can instantly warm up your space?

How to Rewire a Lamp Correctly (EASY STEPS!)


Rewiring an old lamp is more about safety than aesthetics and getting it to work. Sometimes, you will need to rewire a lamp you just bought. The good thing about electricity is how analog it is. If the power does not get there, no light. The post How to Rewire a Lamp Correctly (EASY STEPS!)