This house in Nagoya by Tomoaki Uno Architects utilizes traditional field masonry techniques


The post This house in Nagoya by Tomoaki Uno Architects utilizes traditional field masonry techniques appeared first on Åvontuura. The site is located in an upscale residential area with lush greenery, with Nagoya University and Nanzan University walking distance.

Kengo Kuma utilizes modular assembly for student housing in Switzerland

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The post Kengo Kuma utilizes modular assembly for student housing in Switzerland appeared first on The Architect’s Newspaper.


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Office utilization update

Brandon Donnelly

It has become my crude way of measuring office utilization in Toronto’s CBD. Based on this I can tell you that utilization is firmly up this week. The “best” performing city is Austin with an average utilization of 53.4% Index is up today!

AiRres mask enhances VR experience by utilizing breathing resistance


The post AiRres mask enhances VR experience by utilizing breathing resistance appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. depending on the environmental conditions or the state of the virtual avatar, the hardware translates the difficulty levels into breathing actions.

Cornell University to drill 10,000-foot hole to utilize geothermal energy


In May 2022, Cornellians will see a drill the height of McGraw Tower rise above a plot of land between the Cornell Teaching Dairy Barn and Cascadilla Creek as it drills a 10,000-foot hole.

State of Address Launches Tokenized Architecture for IRL and Metaverse Utility


All of which provide a plethora of digital and physical utility and have the potential to be on-sold for longer term gain. . Courtesy of State of Address (SOFA).

Pros and Cons for Kitchen Drain Utility

Architecture Ideas

The post Pros and Cons for Kitchen Drain Utility first appeared on Source Of Modern Interior Design Ideas | Architecture Ideas. Does your kitchen drain clog up constantly such that you need the service of an emergency plumber almost immediately?

Boston Coastal Flood Resilience Design Guidelines & Zoning Overlay District // Utile, Inc.


As a critical step in the City’s Climate Ready Boston Initiative, Utile led the development of Boston’s first Coastal Resilience Design Guidelines and recommendations for a citywide zoning overlay in collaboration with the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Utile, Inc. Project Status: Built. Year: 2019.

Larkin Street Substation Expansion | TEF Design


The PG&E Larkin Substation addition is the first targeted net-zero electrical switchgear utility building to get a rating from the International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI) Living Building Challenge.

Location always matters

Brandon Donnelly

Certain aspects of how we will continue to live and work in our cities is admittedly still evolving ( see my recent post on office utilization ). housing real estate apartment rents central city real estate housing survey location manhattan new york city office utilization RBC home ownership pool urban housing

BIG designs new center for neuroscience and psychiatrics


BIG’s 20 000 m2 design for Aarhus University Hospital mimics the gyrification of the human brain to utilize the limited site area most. The post BIG designs new center for neuroscience and psychiatrics appeared first on Åvontuura.

RICEWAVE ™ is an eco-friendly resin material made from upcycled, non-edible rice


the material utilizes non-edible rice that would otherwise be thrown away. The post RICEWAVE ™ is an eco-friendly resin material made from upcycled, non-edible rice appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. technology

Record Houses 2022

Architectural Record

This selection showcases residential design that demonstrate ways of fitting into disparate contexts, utilizing local materials, and exploring differing building techniques

UBCO’s all-terrain, lightweight electric bikes are powered with 1kW motor in each wheel


Daryl Neal and Anthony Clyde, who had already spent ten years in the electric bike industry, tinkered with the concept of a two-wheel drive, electric, lightweight, utility vehicle. From concept to reality In early 2014.

Interior Design Secrets for Your Home

Aric Gitomer Architect

The utility of the space depends on how you want to use it. Utilize Accent Wallpaper. A brilliant technique to instill a splash of creativity in your home is utilizing colorful curtains. So, which one of these secrets will you be utilizing for your home?

split-level platforms compose design in motion’s luminous office in thailand


design in motion utilizes multi-connected workplaces, ascending split-levels and abundant natural lighting to foster creativity in their thailand office.

Faucets help to tackle electricity costs | Architecture | Architonic


As energy prices are skyrocketing and the demand for resource-efficient buildings continues to grow, energy renovations offer great potential to achieve a lower carbon footprint and tackle the rising utility costs of public and private buildings.

Storage Tips for Small Houses

Aric Gitomer Architect

A smart strategy to utilize when it comes to storage spaces for small houses is merging them with pieces of furniture wherever possible. The fact that the answer to your storage problems lies in plain sight is just the thing you want to utilize. Utilize the Ceiling Height.

Star of the North: Uncovering a New Architecture in Minnesota


Utilizing traditional materials and resources from the area where a building is located, they draw from local climates and a history of building and ideas. © Kate Joyce Studios. Architecture draws together influences in art, culture and daily life.

experience weightlessness with this hammock-like ‘lul’ chair by yurii cegla


drawing influence from NASA designers, the 'lul' is an ergonomic portable chair formed to utilize the dynamic zero gravity position. .

studio booboon unveils totem, a sleek rollable LG display that doubles as a soundbar


designed as a characterful, sculptural object rather than a flat form, totem utilizes OLED's rollable technology to seamlessly blend into the user's home.

T+E+A+M completes one of the first accessory dwelling units in ann arbor, michigan


the structure utilizes highly insulated shallow foundation technology which allows direct construction on the ground, reducing the need for labor-intensive site work. .

Energy Efficient Homes: The Need of the Hour?

Aric Gitomer Architect

For extra insulation, it’s always a smart idea to utilize a rug in the winter months. Utilize Smart Lighting. As a result, the amount of energy being utilized will be under control. The right deal will help lower energy bills and reduce the number of fossil fuels being utilized.

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Gateway to the Future: Rethinking Campus Design


Today, campus design encompasses integrated approaches bringing open space, buildings, circulation and utility together. © Purnesh Dev Nikhanj. Architecture grows from context.

The Metaverse as Opportunity for Architects: An Interview with Patrik Schumacher


As the world of Architecture finds itself on the edge over the recent Metaverse and NFT hype, Zaha Hadid Architects is at the forefront of innovation showing us exactly how to utilize Web 3 and its socio-economic opportunities for architects, globally. Courtesy of Journee.

Lake Placid A-Frame by Strand Design


With a modest footprint, warmth and volume are abundant, utilizing natural timbers and exposed structural members spanning the full height of it's dramatic form.

Metaverse vs. Sustainability: How can the Metaverse Help us Deliver Better Designs?


Image Courtesy of Ackroyd Lowrie. With the recent Metaverse hype, let's address the elephant in the room!

Do Trailer Parks and Mobile Homes Have a Future As Affordable Housing?


All across the United States, these small homes are being reimagined by architects by utilizing more sustainable materials, inventive construction techniques, and value engineering to create affordable homes and reinvent the once negative connotation that surrounded this housing typology.

online platform ‘SOFA’ welcomes architecture & design into the NFT world


each SOFA NFT aims to provide unique digital immersive environments that could be utilized in various mediums - think VR based experiences,' says co-founder anmol sekhon.

badie architects twists and bends organic-shaped stone house in giza, egypt


this giant sculpture house utilizes unrepeatable and unparalleled lines to escape the typical boxed blueprint. The post badie architects twists and bends organic-shaped stone house in giza, egypt appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

News: Norman Foster's new Guggenheim exhibition tracks the impact of cars on high culture and design


Sponsored by Volkswagen and the local utility conglomerate Iberdrola, the exhibition will explore mobility through the lens of the car and its visual links to the creative arts and architecture as a kind of critical examination and “requiem” for the final days of gasoline-powered combustion engines.

Four women-led projects make up the 2022 Arnold W. Brunner Grant for Architectural Research winners


Each project was judged for its engagement with contemporary local and global architectural issues in addition to a consideration of the utility of each initiative’s end result The Center for Architecture and AIANY have announced the winning projects for this year’s 2022 Arnold W.

Architecture and Aid: Reframing Research on Informal Settlements


It is an area whose urban character consists of corrugated iron roofs, mud walls, and a complicated network of utility poles. Informal settlements in the Bandra suburb - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Image © Dmitry Rukhlenko via Shutterstock.

Office Building by CWP Coloured Wood Products | Manufacturer references


The office spaces are skilfully utilizing the industrial environment and design. A lawyer’s office, which was converted from an old industrial building. CWP’s LPLY-veneers were used to give a plywood edge effect. This blends perfectly with the industrial design. Konior Studio Arser Wood

Norman Foster's new Guggenheim exhibition tracks the impact of cars on high culture and design


In line with its namesake’s well-documented fondness for four-wheeled transportation methods, the Norman Foster Foundation has put together a new exhibition titled Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture that opens tomorrow at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Tips for Choosing a Toilet in a Residential Project

Aric Gitomer Architect

These are designed in a way that utilizes less space, but it could be achieved with different features. These toilets are ideal for washrooms with high ceilings but can also be utilized in low-ceiling washrooms with a shorter flush pipe.

Polished Concrete Floors: 25 Projects that Combine Aesthetics, Durability, and Ease of Execution


This type of solution was most commonly used in utility buildings, such as infrastructure, factories, and warehouses. © Anna Ritsch. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the use of raw materials can save resources by bypassing the use of additional coatings and processes. Exposed concrete floors, for example, were primarily found in industrial spaces, parking lots, and gas stations.

10 Tips for Designing a New Home

Aric Gitomer Architect

A few options include combining storage with the furniture, utilizing the ceiling height, or creating space in the living area, etc. Artificial lighting is an extensive tool that can be utilized you accentuate the features of your home.

Home 162

Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood has a plan to become energy independent


Model of the ITT campus utilizing different colors to The Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago is the site of a proposed new microgrid project set to improve its resiliency as the historic and predominantly Black community pushes towards energy independence.

Why 360-Degree Cameras Are Must-Have Tools for Architects

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Explore how architects utilize these cameras throughout a project