Penn Station redevelopment takes another step forward following financing approval


A key state oversight body approved the financing plan to redevelop Penn Station and its surrounding neighborhood Wednesday, greenlighting one of Gov.

How to Best Manage Your Architecture Firm’s Finances?


Well managed firm finances can be a raise to glory but if you fail at keeping them under control they quickly turn into a silent assassin. Because, since as architects we don’t get much business education in school one of the common downfalls prove to be mismanaged finances.


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Form followed finance in 2021, for better and for worse


2021 was a year where form continued to follow finance. Throughout the year, our coverage included many examples of the world’s largest architecture firms designing for some of the world’s largest companies.

International Finance City Tower F52 Office


International Finance City Tower F52 Office, Guangzhou Commercial Interior, Chinese Workplace, Architecture Images. Guangzhou International Finance Center, Guangdong Province, China. International Finance City Tower F52 Office in Guangzhou, China – Building Information.

India is taxing cryptocurrencies to finance its push for new infrastructure


The country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the package includes $2.68

The Seven Most Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Made by Small Firm Architects


Business Finances finance finances financial financial management Financial Management for Architects Financial Planning financial reports Financial StatementsBy Kimberly Burgraff, Director of Studio Services Bookkeeping (A Division of Charrette Venture Group).

Buy and hold

Brandon Donnelly

business finance howard marks investing investing in real estate memo oaktree capital managementI know that this is supposed to be a blog about building cities, but it’s also a blog about real estate and I have heard that people sometimes do things like invest in real estate. So here is a terrific memo by Howard Marks (of Oaktree Capital Management) about when to sell assets (and when not to sell assets).

Financial Investing for Your Future (Transcript)


I guess it’s because I’m starting to gain more interest on the business side and the finance side, the investments and development side of architecture, which doesn’t require a license. And so I try to do the same thing with my finances.

You Already Know How To Be Successful in Architecture


finance salesYou already know how to be successful. You’ve read all the books. You follow the blogs. You listen to the podcasts. You are subscribed to all the most informative and inspirational newsletters. You have the information. You know how to succeed. So, why are you not crushing it?

How To Budget Your Architecture Project Fee


Business accounting Architecture Fees fees finance financial management Project Fee Budgeting Project ManagementProject Fee Budgeting for Architects.

A Financial Management System for Architects


Business Business Systems finance financial managementThis is a guest post written by Steve L. Wintner, AIA, Emeritus , an architecture management consultant and co-author of the book, Financial Management for Design Professionals: The Path to Profitability.

How To Build a Successful Architecture Firm With No Debt


Myth #3: A credit card is a simple way to finance your business. Business debt Debt Free Business Debt Zero finance financial managementFor the first four years, Fivecat Studio could be found at a basement studio in our little cottage in the woods of Chappaqua, New York.

Why Architects Are NOT Properly Prepared to Own and Operate an Architecture Firm


Leadership Architecture School Business Education finance opinion editorialThis is an op-ed guest post written by Steve L. Wintner, AIA, Emeritus, an architecture management consultant and co-author of the book, Financial Management for Design Professionals: The Path to Profitability.

Australia is pushing for wood construction with $214 million Timber Building Program


The money will be available in debt financing for eligible projects across Australia, including commercial offices, retail, industrial, healthcare, and education undertakings. Finance may also be available for multi-residential apartments, senior living, and student accommodation projects.

7 Key Financial Performance Indicators for a Successful Architecture Firm


Business accounting finances key financial performance indicators kfpi ProfitThis is a guest post written by Steve L. Wintner, AIA, Emeritus , an architecture management consultant and co-author of the book, Financial Management for Design Professionals: The Path to Profitability.

WilkinsonEyre founder Chris Wilkinson dies at age 76


One Barangaroo by WilkinsonEyre Over the past 22 years, the firm has accumulated a portfolio of acclaimed works, including the Gasholders in London , the Guangzhou International Finance Center in China , and the One Barangaroo tower in Sydney. Guangzhou International Finance

New York City Architecture Guide: Discover 10 Must-See Landmarks and 20 Contemporary Attractions


As the largest city in the United States, New York City is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world, recognized by many as the center for global media, culture, fashion art, and finance. New York City. Image © Raimund Koch.

Troquer Offices by ASHO MX


This project is made up of 313m2, distributed in various areas: Reception, meeting room, administration and finance area, marketing area, systems area, operation area, telephone booths, creative area, kitchen, warehouse and bathrooms.

IKEA partners with SunPower to sell solar panels in California stores


Founded in 1985, SunPower sells, installs, and finances solar power products, including panels, batteries, mounting hardware, and monitoring software. IKEA U.S.

Toronto Plans on Stopping the Construction of Smart Cities Following Concerns of Privacy.


Alison Brooks Architects, Adjaye Associates, Henning Larsen and SLA to Develop Toronto's Waterfront. Image Courtesy of Waterfront Toronto.

Little Wing Lee announced as the first Female Design Council + NICOLEHOLLIS Grant winner


The $15,000 grant is meant to provide financing to expand companies and create new design collections.

Do You Need To Understand Architecture To Be A Real Estate Developer?

The Architecture Designs

You also need to have a good understanding of the financing process. There are many different financing options, and you need to know which ones will work best for your specific project. You also need to know how to price your units and how to secure the necessary financing.

News: Little Wing Lee announced as the first Female Design Council + NICOLEHOLLIS Grant winner


The $15,000 grant is meant to provide financing to expand companies and create new design collections.

New York developer receives $92 million loan to complete project believed to be the largest speculative office building in Brooklyn's Midwood neighborhood


As detailed by Parkview Financial Founder and CEO Paul Rahimian, the financing will be used to pay off two existing loans on the project with the remainder going towards completing construction.

The first phase of New York City's first net zero community has been set in motion


million in financing for the first phase of Arverne East, a master-planned community and revitalization project within a 116-acre oceanfront site in the Arverne and Edgemere neighborhoods in Queens’ Rockaway Peninsula. In December, developers closed on $30.3

Baupal: An Online Building Application Service Making Architecture More Accessible


With backgrounds in finance, entrepreneurship and architecture, the team set out to transform the design and planning approval process into a customer experience through digital and transparent workflows.

A Mountain Retreat in Romania and Modular Housing Units in Australia: 11 Unbuilt Projects by Established Firms.


Zhanjiang Central Station Hub by Aedas. Image Courtesy of Aedas. This week’s curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights projects submitted by established firms.

In Sweden, Two Matching Homes Nest Under One Black Gable Roof


An architect couple finance their family home by doubling the plan and selling half. Photograph by Kalle Sanner Living in one of the units and selling the other allowed them to finance the entire project.

Rome's Colosseum is worth a cool $79 billion, according to Deloitte


Some 70% think the entire world should be tasked with financing its ongoing upkeep, wh

A Vertical Gallery?Ersha Island MAN LAP FONG / FEI Architects by FEI Architects


A private art foundation plans to make a "Mini-West Kowloon" here via self-financing, i.e., funding cultural and art activities through revenues from portfolio operation

Nuremberg plans to convert monumental Nazi-era relic into a concert venue


The Ludwig and Franz Ruff-designed building’s construction was never completed as Nazi officials struggled to finance it and other ambitious construction projects in the build up of armaments for World War II.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announces $200 million grant program to attract high-tech industries across the state


The grants will be disbursed through Empire State Development (ESD), the umbrella organization for New York’s two principal economic development financing entities: The New York State Urban Development Corporation and the New York Job Development Authority.

Nevada dedicates $300 million towards new affordable housing projects


The program aims to facilitate public and private sector collaboration in financing eligible affordable housing projects. The Nevada Housing Division announced Wednesday that $300.7 million will go to the development of affordable housing projects in the state.

What Should Home Owners Be Aware Of Before Purchasing or Renovating a Home?

Aric Gitomer Architect

Hence, assessing the property and the related attributes such as finances, maintenance, regulations, etc. Part One: Purchasing. Purchasing or renting a house is probably one of the most significant economic investments in people’s lives.

Balenciaga occupies Wall Street with its Spring 2023 show

The Spaces

With impeccable timing amidst tumbling stock markets, crypto crashes and the hefty rise of inflation, Balenciaga ‘s first show outside of Paris played out at the epicentre of finance: the New York Stock Exchange.

Space 71

6 Tips for Building a Property Portfolio

Architecture Ideas

Along with property development finance , you must b uild a strong property portfolio to resolve all these things. . You can take help fr om property development finance to start sm all and grow slowly. . This way, you can grow your finances along with your rental income. .

The 2022 World's Best Cities To Live In: Discover the Top 20


Global Finance 's ranking of the world's best cities to live in, during 2022 has just been released. London. Image via Shutterstock/ by Songquan Deng.

“A different way of developing cities” — SERA Architects' Tim Smith discusses the OMSI District and civic ecology

Portland Architecture

Tim Smith at his his AICP College of Fellows enshrinement ( SERA Architects ). . BY BRIAN LIBBY.

New York City plans to raise crosswalks to make hazardous intersections safer


The new crosswalks will be financed by city and federal funding The white-striped crosswalk sits on top of a hump of asphalt. Pedestrians barely notice as they rush across, but drivers are in for a bumpy ride if they do not slow down.

Pritzker winner Francis Kéré is on a mission to tackle misconceptions about Africa at the Triennale di Milano


Speaking at the Triennale di Milano , which kicks off tomorrow in the Italian finance capital, Francis Kéré lamented the Western notion that his “unknown” home continent is a vast but homogeneous place when in reality, it is comprised of 54 countries and over 1,000 different language traditions.