Something Every Young Architect Should Do

Life of an Architect

Just about a month ago, I turned 49 years old. Since I have the maturity of a 20-something, I don’t worry about how old I am, but I do find myself reflecting, on occasion, about lost opportunities that have passed me by.

10 Ways An Architect Can Make More Money


This is an edited repost from deep in the archives. Originally published on the week of this blog’s relaunch on December 12, 2012, this article has been the most popular week in, week out.


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I told Isabel, "It's like a dagger to an Atlantan's heart if you."

Architecture Tourist

After her extraordinary talk I told Isabel Castilla , "It's like a dagger to an Atlantan's heart if you." "If If you don't say the Atlanta BeltLine is the coolest thing EVER." "I I didn't say anything about the BeltLine," she replied. Yeah that hurts just as much." "But

5 Innovative Design Ideas to Make Your Dental Office Shine

Martinkovic Milford Architects

A dental office is more than a place of business. This space speaks for your practice. It telegraphs how you serve your clients, what sets you apart, and what makes you unique. How can you ensure that your office says the right thing?

High School

Bruce F. Roth Architect

Walter Payton High School, Chicago. A 20 million dollar addition to Walter Payton College Prep, a Chicago Public School (CPS), increases the capacity of this top-performing school by almost 40%.

8 Scandinavian Cabins That Master the Art of Minimalism


These vacation homes and cabins in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark feature sophisticated but pared-down interiors that complement their serene surroundings.

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Hybrid City / Sluisbuurt Amsterdam - Europan 3rd place

Architects for Urbanity

The National

A Detroit Architect's Journal

How many times have you walked or driven by it? A solitary structure that stands defiantly as a reminder of what once was. photo credit: R.Saxon Albert Kahn's' National Theater is the only surviving theater in what was Detroit's first entertainment district.

The 2017 Aspiring Architect Giveaway

The Aspiring Architect

Hi everyone! You may remember back in April that I asked for your help in voting for my blog, The Aspiring Architect, to win the 2017 JDR Blogger Award for Best Architecture Blog. And, thanks to YOU guys, I won!

How To Make Your Social Media Content More Shareable


Many (if not all) of us are using social media on a daily basis. Some of us restrict our time online to personal social interactions, while others use these powerful networking platforms to help promote our architectural businesses.

Limit Their Stress By Limiting Their Choices


When performing our Design Development phase with clients, we typically assist them in selecting all their finishes, plumbing fixtures and lighting. It’s an Additional Service , but one that most clients are happy to have us complete.

How To Build A Powerful Email Newsletter For Your Architecture Firm


Years before launching EntreArchitect, I published a quarterly newsletter for my own residential architecture firm, Fivecat Studio. Without much effort, I acquired hundreds of subscribers through links on a few social media profiles.

How To Measure Your Financial Performance as an Architect


The material for preparing an annual budget, an annual profit plan, developing project fee budgets, and calculating billing rates—is the stuff of financial planning. Each is a type of forecast that serves as a benchmark for financial management.

7 Steps to a Happy Work Week as a Small Firm Architect


A Structured Monday Leads To A Happy Work Week. As the new year quickly approaches, we hear the annual recommendations for planning our year ahead. Every magazine and blog is running an article about how to plan for 2018.

Using Slack for Your Architecture Firm


Slack for Architects. This week I’m experimenting again here at the EntreArchitect blog. As my team and I consider new or improved ways of sharing knowledge to small firm entrepreneur architects throughout 2018, I produced this video for my YouTube channel. (It’s

8 Reasons Why You Should Provide Construction Administration On Every Project


One of the most popular topics discussed throughout the EntreArchitect Community is the role of the architect during the construction phase. I am often surprised by the number of firms providing architectural design services and forfeiting the final phase of the process, Construction Administration.

You Already Know How To Be Successful in Architecture


You already know how to be successful. You’ve read all the books. You follow the blogs. You listen to the podcasts. You are subscribed to all the most informative and inspirational newsletters. You have the information. You know how to succeed. So, why are you not crushing it?

Tribute to 461 North Highland a Double Terminated Vista

Architecture Tourist

I'm sure you know. 461 North Highland rewards every time so I'm giving it a shout out. We don't have many of these. We don't produce this kind of extravagance anymore not even in our most bodacious new mansions. It's probably my favorite building on North Highland.

Maybe You Should Just Q.U.I.T.


I decided to become an architect when I was 10 years old. I made the decision and never looked back. Another career was never even considered. Every step to become a licensed architect was calculated and scheduled for the result that has become my reality. I have always looked at this as a gift.

4 Steps to Higher Productivity as a Small Firm Architect


Finding The Time To Be An Architect. A little past 6AM, tunes from the local radio station wake me from a very deep slumber. (I I set the alarm to 6:14, so I hear music rather than the daily ‘bad news” report. I am very serious about my “full media blackout“.).

Which Business Structure is Best for an Architecture Firm?


My firm, Fivecat Studio, was founded in 1999. Annmarie and I were 29 years old. She was licensed. I was not. With no clients and no money, we launched the firm as a sole proprietorship; Annmarie McCarthy, Architect.

Getting It All Done


As an Entrepreneur Architect I wear many hats. I’m a designer, a draftsman, a project manager, a construction manager, a book keeper, a marketing director, a salesman, a customer service representative, an IT manager, a boss, a partner, a CEO, a COO, a CFO… the list goes on and on.

IT 52

Two Perspectives You Need to Launch a New Business as a Small Firm Architect


I recently reached a very big milestone. About eighteen months ago I dropped my daughter off for her first full day with her childminder (home-based daycare for non-Brits.) She was six months old and I was filled with those new parent anticipations: nervous, desolate, excited, hopeful.

Only Do What Only You Can Do


“Only do what only you can do” – Paul Sloane. This quote from Paul Sloane (author of several books about ‘lateral thinking’) has been the most provocative and impactful lesson I have had to learn in my professional career.

Do Small Firm Architects Need Professional Liability Insurance?


Professional Liability Insurance for Architects. Perfection is Impossible. Architects are inherently burdened with risk and liability for the services we provide. As licensed professionals we are legally responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the people using the structures we design.

Putting First Things First for Balance & Prosperity


How To Get To The Business of Your Business. In a recent conversation with a professional colleague who is a small firm practitioner (3 people total), he expressed his frustration with not being able to get to the ‘business of his business’.

Teardown: Bethel Outreach Deliverance Church, Adams Street

Architecture Tourist

It was different and doomed, it won't be remembered or missed, but its loss leaves the neighborhood with a little less. I have a thing about these "different" places set among subdivision mono-cultures.

How To Sell As An Architect


7 Sales Mistakes Keeping You From Signing the Projects You Want. Are you designing the projects you want? Are the projects you’re signing resulting in a profit for your firm? Want to learn how to better sell as an architect? Want to sign more of the projects you want and need?

Philip McDuffie House (1922) Hentz, Reid & Adler, a "Neel Reid" Part 2 of 2

Architecture Tourist

We don't know how much is Neel Reid, how much is Hentz, Reid & Adler, how much is not. Away from the big public rooms things get less Neel Reid-y don't you think? Brown marble floors for example, don't harmonize with the front rooms, not to my eye anyway.

The Financial Chart of Accounts for Architects


This is a guest post written by Steve L. Wintner, AIA, Emeritus , an architecture management consultant and co-author of the book, Financial Management for Design Professionals: The Path to Profitability.

Firms 52

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Architecture Firm in 60 Minutes or Less


A Simple Business Plan for Architects. No one told me that I needed to know how to run a business. I’m an architect. I just need to tack up my shingle, design great buildings and clients will come knocking. Right?

Architect-Led Construction Management Services


During my interview with a potential client, I answer many questions. Most are very similar; How much will it cost? How long will it take? Are you available to start right away? Do you have any references? You know… all the questions they learn to ask from their favorite shows on HGTV.

A Financial Management System for Architects


This is a guest post written by Steve L. Wintner, AIA, Emeritus , an architecture management consultant and co-author of the book, Financial Management for Design Professionals: The Path to Profitability.

Tiny Church on 8th at Fielder Awaits Mixed Use-ification

Architecture Tourist

I call it the Octane Coffee District and I have a secret parking spot when it's busy over there. I take 8th street down from the Marietta Street ridge and park on Fiedler Avenue next to this nondescript little church building. Note to self: Didn't I just blog a Neel Reid Mansion ?)