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Carl Sandburg’s Chicago

SW Oregon Architect

The poet Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) loved and defended Chicago, his adopted home. Sandburg described his poem Chicago as a chant of defiance, a praise of agriculture, industry, and the railroads for which Chicago was an important hub, during a time when the city was the nation’s industrial capital.

The Important Role Libraries Play in Building a Creative and Innovative Society


Library of Birmingham / Mecanoo. As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in society.


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Slab Hill Lifestyle Lab // line+


Project Status: Built. Year: 2021. Size: 10,000 sqft – 25,000 sqft. Text description provided by the architects.

The House With No Head or Tail / Experience Studio


© Deed Studio. architects: Experience Studio Location: Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran Project Year: 2020 Photographs: Deed Studio Area: 180.0 Read more ». Residential Architecture. Houses

Sinan Books Poetry Store | Wutopia Lab


Excerpt : Sinan Books Poetry Store is a library designed by the design firm Wutopia Lab in the historic site of St. Nicholas Church. In the past few decades, it was an office, factory, warehouse, canteen, residential place, and later became a club, restaurant, and finally was in a waste.

HACHIKO Warehouse Refurbishment / WE-S architecten


© Johnny Umans. architects: WE-S architecten Location: Molenstraat 54, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium Project Year: 2020 Photographs: Johnny Umans Photographs: Area: 850.0 Read more ». Refurbishment. Adaptive reuse

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Anderson Road House / BE Architecture


© Victor Vieaux. architects: BE Architecture Location: Anderson Rd, Fawkner VIC 3060, Australia Project Year: 2020 Photographs: Victor Vieaux Area: 601.0 Read more ». Residential Architecture. Houses

Sense and sensibility

Habitus Living

In this duplex apartment located on the ground floor of a small development designed by K2LD Architects , the daily routines of lounging, dining, entertaining and playing are perennially intertwined with wind, bountiful sunshine that brightens without discomfort, and sceneries of bamboo and Fukugi trees.

Luanqing Hutong Courtyard House / URBANUS


© Chaoying Yang. architects: URBANUS Location: Beijing, China Project Year: 2017 Photographs: Chaoying Yang Photographs: Courtesy of URBANUS Area: 234.0 Read more ». Residential Architecture. Houses. Refurbishment. Renovation

Suspended Office | DIG Architects


Excerpt: Suspended Office is an interior design project executed by the architectural firm DIG Architects.

18 Architect-Designed Installations, Products, and Furniture Pieces at the 2022 Milan Design Week


2022 PRINCIPLES - OMA x UniFor. Image © Delfino Sisto Legnani and Alessandro Saletta - DSL Studio, courtesy of OMA and UniFor.

Architectural Intern | Carbon Design


Carbon Design Studio is hiring interns to join their office in Jaipur, India. Job Title : Architectural Intern. Jobs ArchiDiaries Jobs Architecture Jobs India Internship Jaipur

The School of Architecture Develops Design-Build Learning Program at Arcosanti in Arizona, USA


Shelter by Richard Sanchez. Image © Richard Sanchez. The School of Architecture , founded by Frank Lloyd Wright as the Taliesin Fellowship in 1932, is undergoing significant transformations.

Ultra-modernity for the new age

Habitus Living

Beoremote Halo. Always pushing the frontier of soundscapes and speaker design, Bang and Olufsen introduces the BEOREMOTE HALO: a sculptural object that is more akin to art than technology, offering one-touch access to music, podcasts and radio.

Blackbird Hotel / RDMA


Blackbird Drums. Image © Nilai Asia. architects: RDMA Location: Bandung, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia Project Year: 2021 Photographs: Nilai Asia Photographs: Courtesy of RDMA Area: 112.0 Read more ». Hospitality Architecture. Hotels. Lodging. Cabins & Lodges

News: YACademy alumni collaborate with Herzog & de Meuron to redesign the historical site of Cesare Roversi [Sponsored]


Every year YACademy guarantees its alumni a series of internship and collaboration experiences with some of the most well-renowned architectural firms as post-training experiences and as a bridge to the world of work.

Site 83

The Loft at Taliesin West / Taylor Bode


© Steph Bode, Taylor Bode. architects: Taylor Bode Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States Project Year: 2019 Photographs: Steph Bode, Taylor Bode Photographs: Area: 200.0 Read more ». Residential Architecture. Housing. Other. Small Scale. Other Structures

Molteni&C?Dada Showroom | Outin Design


Excerpt: Molteni&C?Dada Dada Showroom is a retail space designed by the firm Outin Design. The firm dug into the brand’s genes and character, incorporated business ideas into the space, and created a “home” setting focused on emotional experience.

Norwegian Press House / Atelier Oslo + KIMA Arkitektur


© Niklas Hart. architects: Atelier Oslo architects: KIMA Arkitektur Location: Rådhusgata 17, 0158 Oslo, Norway Project Year: 2022 Photographs: Niklas Hart Photographs: NTB Photographs: Einar Aslaksen Photographs: Inger Marie Grini Area: 3738.0 Read more ». Offices. Office buildings. Refurbishment.

Living Room Design Ideas: 15 Ways to Make it Light and Airy


It can be tough to figure out the best way to make your living room light and airy. You might not have the time or money to do a complete renovation.Making your Living Room Light and Airy doesn't have to be complicated. All you need.

IT 83

Where Did All of the Public Benches Go?


© Kyungsub Shin. The design and functionality of public spaces in cities are always under scrutiny. Whether its accessibility to public parks and green spaces, the distance people live from public transportation, or the ways that spaces can be designed to make city life more safe and equitable.

SEBELAS MARET International IoT Challenge 2022


About Competition. Technology is developing rapidly and has reached the Industrial 4.0 The Internet of Things (IoT) is an essential part of the Industry 4.0 strategy working to create intelligent, flexible, and integrated digital factories.

Naomi Hoogervorst on Democratization of Design: "Equal Cities Need Equal Voices"


El proceso de HerCity usando la herramienta MethodKit en GoDown, Nairobi, Kenia. Image Cortesía de ONU-Habitat. Many of us agree that design is still not considered for everyone.

Kestie Lane Studio

Habitus Living

Expanding on the idea of a European interior aesthetic, Kestie Lane’s intent for this four-storey terrace was to explore materiality without limiting space. As such, the minimal palette is alive with understated variation and textural distinction.

Deus Videt Te House and Ceramic Studio / Objekt Architecten


© Bert Vereecke. architects: Objekt Architecten Location: Geraardsbergen, Belgium Project Year: 2019 Photographs: Bert Vereecke Area: 220.0 Read more ». Residential Architecture. Houses. Interior Design. Offices Interiors

Weekly Highlights 2022 #26


Excerpt : Archidiaries is excited to share the “Project of the Week”. Along with this, the weekly highlight contains a few of the best projects, published throughout the week. These selected projects represent the best content curated and shared by the team at ArchiDiaries.

IST Austria Chemistry Lab / Franz&Sue


© Kurt Kuball. architects: Franz&Sue Location: Klosterneuburg, Austria Project Year: 2021 Photographs: Kurt Kuball Area: 14960.0 Read more ». Research center. Educational Architecture

Junior Architect | Carbon Design


Carbon Design Studio is hiring Junior Architect to join their office in Jaipur, India. Job Title : Junior Architect. Experience Required : 0-1 Year. Jobs ArchiDiaries Jobs Architecture Jobs India Jaipur Junior Architect

The Pillars Exhibition / 2050+


Courtesy of 2050+. architects: 2050+ Location: Brynjulf Bulls plass 3, 0250 Oslo, Norway Project Year: 2022 Photographs: Courtesy of 2050+ Photographs: Annar Bjørgli. Read more ». Interior Design. Cultural Interiors. Museum & Exhibition Interiors

International Design Competition of Cavallerizza Reale di Torino


Compagnia di San Paolo, the University of Turin, and the Municipality of the City of Turin, in agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the Order of Architects of Turin and Milan, and the Foundation for Architecture /Torino, hold a design competition for the requalification of the compendium of Cavallerizza Reale.

Old Town hotel stitches a forgotten Cowgate corner back together

Urban Realm

Three separate 'at risk' buildings in Edinburgh's Cowgate have been knitted back into Edinburgh's Old Town to form a 222-bed hotel.

Site 82

Bruzzano Urban Market: A YACademy Alumni Pavilion for the Milan Suburbs


Courtesy of YAC. Suburbs are one of the favorite fields of action for people who deal with social architecture in “first world” contexts.



About Competition. Isn’t it time you entered your work into the Visual Identity Awards? With 21 diverse categories, there’s plenty of opportunity to share your branding project with the world.

Saturday Indesign’s speaker series put design knowledge front and centre

Habitus Living

Saturday Indesign is an event that truly offers something for everyone, design lovers of all walks of life can find something that piques their interest.